The Situation

Julie G. Merrill, CPA PA was looking for cost-effective tax preparer advertising to bring in more new tax prep clients for the 2017 season, so she called PostcardMania for help.

The Solution

Our marketing experts have worked with more than 2,142 accountants and tax preparers, and Julie’s consultant was able to recommend a strategy that has already proven successful for our other clients: A direct mail campaign that reaches the same prospects multiple times with a message that gets their attention.

Here’s why the postcard was effective:

  • The image of a piggy bank with stacks of coins tells recipients right away that they stand to gain MONEY
  • The headline is not only clear, but it’s also a benefit!
  • A great offer of $35 off tax preparation encourages prospects to try out a new CPA firm
  • Julie’s photo on the back of the card helps build familiarity and trust

The CPA mailed the postcard to 3,000 residents surrounding her office twice, one week apart — a good idea, because when prospects see your postcard again and again, it shows them you are a stable, trustworthy business! To increase her exposure (and credibility), Julie added DirectMail2.0 to her tax preparer advertising campaign. Interested prospects who received her postcard and went to her website to check her out (as 95% of interested prospects do) would then see her Google follow-up ads all over the internet, keeping her firm top of mind until they were ready to make an appointment.

The Results

Thanks to the call tracking feature that comes with every DirectMail2.0 campaign, the CPA was able to see that her postcard generated 22 direct calls to her office — that’s 22 potential clients that will come back to have their taxes filed year after year! And if any of those callers DIDN’T convert into appointments, Julie could listen to the calls through her DirectMail2.0 online dashboard to check her staff’s reception processes and train them to close more calls!

Interested in doing a similar campaign for your business? Call us and we will get you connected with a marketing consultant who has experience creating campaigns for other accountants and tax preparers!

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