The postcard design used a yellow color scheme, which was an eye-catching choice. They chose an image of poker chips and a poker hand being laid down. This image reinforced the headline, which read, “Don’t gamble with your taxes. Call Smeed!” Then, they offered a discount of 30% off what the recipient paid for their previous year’s taxes in the bottom right corner.

The Situation

Smeed CPA, Inc., of Brentwood, CA wanted to take advantage of the busy tax season to grow their business. They called PostcardMania to see if tax direct mail postcards would attract more clients to their office.

The Solution

Our accounting tax prep marketing experts helped the tax office create a postcard campaign that would generate big results. Heres why it was so effective:

  • The bright colors help the postcard stand out in the mail
  • The image and headline work together to convey their message that youre gambling with your refund if you dont call them!
  • An offer of 30% off what prospects paid for their tax returns the year before

Smeed sent the postcard to 10,000 homes with an income of more than $100,000. We recommend mailing your postcard multiple times, but the tax service got great results from just one mailing!

The Results

We generated 265 responses and $60,000 in revenue from our postcard mailing!

Smeed generated 265 responses bringing in $60,000 in revenue for their business!

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