Restaurant Menus at an Affordable Price

Waterproof. Tear Resistant. 100% Awesome. 

Your menu is the true first course at your restaurant – and based on the impression it makes, you may not get another chance to impress! So it’s high time you ditched the flimsy paper flyers and got a professional, waterproof and tear resistant menu for your business.

A cheap-looking menu puts people in a cheap mood. A quality menu makes it easier for them to choose more expensive items. 

Waterproof Restaurant Menu Printing


What are the menu dimensions?

Menus are printed on extra-long 8.5x14 paper, and you have three folding options:

  • No fold! You can print on both sides.
  • Bifold (8.5x7)! Folded in half, and you can still print on both sides.
  • Trifold (8.5x4.66)! Folded thrice – brochure style – and guess what? You can print on all the sides!

Can you print on both sides in full color?

Absolutely we can – and it won’t cost you a cent more. How ‘bout them apples?

What is your turn-around time?

Once you place your order, the menus will be impressing customers within 2-3 weeks!


250 Professional Menus – $420
500 Professional Menus – $555
1000 Professional Menus – $820

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