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Joy Gendusa
is the founder and CEO of PostcardMania, a marketing juggernaut that specializes in direct mail, email and website development. When she isn't orchestrating small business domination or flying around the country to share her marketing expertise, she can be found enjoying sunny Clearwater, FL with her husband and two sons.


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Google and Direct Mail: Together at Last!

Direct Mail 2.0About 15 years ago, I created the direct-to-business owners postcard marketing industry, giving small businesses across the country access to the marketing advice and technology that big-time ad agencies were hoarding.

Today, I am proud to announce that PostcardMania is about to change the industry (and the way you market) once again!

Introducing Direct Mail 2.0!

That’s right! We have fundamentally changed the very idea of what a direct mail postcard campaign is. We’ve made it better, more efficient, and more technologically advanced. If the industry standard postcard campaign is a 2-D comic strip, Direct Mail 2.0 is Toy Story.

It’s a game changer – and I couldn’t be more excited about it!

Let’s face it, direct mail postcards have always worked (that’s why we use them), but they have gotten a reputation for being ‘old school’ or ‘no longer effective’. Neither is necessarily valid but nonetheless, businesses fear using them over the newer ‘more exciting’ marketing channels. That’s why we re-engineered this whole process….

• With normal ‘old school’ direct mail, you needed a separate follow-up system to keep your name in front of prospects. Direct Mail 2.0 seamlessly integrates with Google Remarketing, so you automatically follow up with online leads – without lifting a finger. Google Remarketing is pretty much the greatest new marketing tool ever. In a nutshell: your prospect receives your postcard and they go to your website to check you out. But they’re not quite ready to act. With Google Remarketing once they visit they’ll now see your add on sites they visit afterwards over and over again. This warms them up and gets them primed to interact with you. This is part of Direct Mail 2.0.

• With normal direct mail, you would order postcards and then wonder when and if they would reach your prospects. Direct Mail 2.0 comes with a built in tracking system (integrated with the USPS system) that tells you exactly what day your piece hits each address.

• With old school direct mail, you had to manually tabulate how may responses you received and add up the Return on Investment (ROI) on your own. Direct Mail 2.0 comes standard with a response tracking system that helps you easily analyze your results and uncover your ROI.

And with all of this change, we didn’t mess with the main tenets of Direct Mail one bit. Your targeting options are still the best marketing has to offer. Here’s a short video to give you a visual of how Direct Mail 2.0 works…

If you want some more info about Direct Mail 2.0, or you want to change your campaign from old school to Direct Mail 2.0, call my marketing consultants at 800-628-1804.

I do get awfully excited about marketing – especially when I know it will truly help business owners! Is this exciting for you? Let me hear it in the comments!



direct mail 2.0

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18 Responses to Google and Direct Mail: Together at Last!

  1. Rod Collins says:

    What would it cost to use 2.0 on the existing 1,000 people we have targeted plus add another 1,500 cards directed at: Advertising Agencies in NYC, Dallas and other large Texas cities. In the agencies, I need media planners, buyers and a special focus on any senior experiential marketing agency executives in NYC, Dallas and other large Texas cities (include Oklahoma City).

  2. Griselda says:

    Awesome, Joy! I’m in!!!

  3. I want to strongly promote our school open house in early March 2013. COST IS A MAJOR FACTOR. I need help

  4. Steve says:

    I have a new web-site SEO operator that does a complete A to Z for us , I am going to forward your email to them and hope you two can work together, and get us the most bang for my buck. Thanks for the nice update emails on improving business. Being from Clearwater, do you follow Hubbard’s business technologies?

  5. Will have your rep, Samantha contact you shortly!

  6. Dr Daniel says:

    We have a couple campaigns that we want to use to target our local area, but have been waiting for something like this that was trackable and could give us a true cost to benefit ration, as well as improve our online brand. I am glad I waited and excited to get started!

  7. Ron says:

    Is this a service that marketing consultants can offer their clients?

  8. Joy, I have a new postcard concept that I would love to hear your opinion. Is
    There a way you could have someone contact me?

  9. jim mika says:

    i sent request for samples and received them on sat. but there was nothing about directmail 2.0

  10. Gina says:

    Please email me details. Thanks so much

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