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Nancy’s picture was placed filling the right half of the card. Then on the left, it listed her name, desired office and three reasons to vote for her (experience, knowledge, and integrity). On the back, it simply added a small paragraph detailing her experience and qualifications written from her point of view. Then below, it reiterated the three reasons to choose Nancy for Probate Judge. It was a simple yet effective layout that gave the voters everything they needed to know in one quick glance.

The Situation

Nancy Thane was running for Probate Judge against a judge already in office, also called an incumbent. Running against an incumbent is a tough task, so she consulted with our marketing experts on how to best reach out to her potential constituents to share her political message.

The Solution

Our marketing team designed a classic looking political postcard for Nancy and mailed them to qualified voters in her constituency district. Since she was running against the currently sitting judge, her postcards needed to build her name recognition and her credibility efficiently and effectively.

The Results

Won her election unseating an incumbent Judge!

Here are the results in Nancy’s own words: “PostcardMania and its employees were a joy to work with. I truly felt like I received personal attention. From my first contact, through the development of the postcard, and finally with the mailing department, I was treated with great care. I received very positive feedback regarding my postcards: they were clear, concise and received at the perfect time. All those that I have talked to thought so as well. … My election was hard fought and we won!! We were up against a seated judge (an incumbent). Thank you for the personal attention that you gave me. Your finished product was well received by all!!” -Judge Nancy Thane