The Situation

Impressive Stain & Paint is a painting service in Clark Fork, Idaho. They sought PostcardMania’s marketing services with the goal of expanding their client list and earning more revenue.

The Solution

Design: The postcard includes:

  • Colorful copy and images, making the card eye-catching and allowing it to stand out.
  • An exclusive offer with the postcard, creating more incentive for potential households to respond.
  • Photos of some of the houses they worked on to provide the recipient with examples of their work.

The painting service mailed postcards to absentee owners with a $50,000 or more household income.

The Results

…they got about 8-10 jobs after mailing 1,000 postcards! They’re so busy, they can't take on any more work until August!

According to Impressive Stain & Paint, they had a great response! After mailing the first 1,000 postcards, they received 8-10 new jobs! They intend to send a total of 5,000 postcards, but the painter said he is so busy he can’t take on any more work until August!

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