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This postcard was split into two sections on the front. The left side was an image of a model showing off some stylish glasses with a vision exam guide on the wall in the background. The right side was an artistic recreation of their storefront. This let prospects know what to look for and also served to boost the card’s visual appeal. They also featured two special offers on the bottom of the left side section to add some financial incentive for stopping in and checking out The Vision Store.

The Situation

The Vision Store wanted more customers. More customers means more revenue. They knew they needed to be marketing their eye care services, but weren’t sure which direction to take with it. They heard about postcard marketing and decided to give our marketing consultants a call.

The Solution

When they heard how effective marketing postcards have been for our other optometrist clients, they chose to give it a whirl. They wanted to get the word out about The Vision Store to their local prospective customers, so they used a mailing list that included all the houses in their surrounding zip codes. This included a total of 19,000 homes. They broke the list up, sending 6,300 postcards at a time for nine mailings, which means they hit their list a total of three times over a four-month span. Repeated exposure is pivotal to building your brand strength, so this was a great way to establish their brand in the community.

The Results

We generated $120,000 in revenue from our postcard mailings!

When it comes to marketing, business owners just want to know if it will work. Will they have more revenue after they do it than they did before? Here’s how The Vision Store made out… Throughout this campaign, they averaged 2 new appointments per day. These appointments led to $1000 of revenue PER DAY. Over the whole 4-month campaign, that comes to about $120,000 generated. Marketing Cost: $16,310.87 Revenue Generated: approx. $120,000 Return On Investment: over 630%