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Dance Studio Marketing - W Virginia Dance School Case Study

“30 new students from just one postcard mailing! ”


Mindy’s School of Dance




Westover, WV 26501

Cards Mailed

successful dance studio marketing ideas

Design Features

The postcard was designed to be bright and fun. They chose a color scheme that used variations of pink to give the postcard a vibrant look. They featured an image of smiling young girls wearing tutus to help parents visualize how adorable their child would look. The headline read, “Give your child the gift of expression through dance!” This showed parents that dance is not only fun, but also benefits their child’s wellbeing as well by allowing them to express themselves creatively.

The Situation

Mindy’s School of Dance called PostcardMania for dance studio marketing ideas, and after helping hundreds of other dance clients, we were happy to help! 

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The Solution

Effective dance studio ads usually lean toward a very specific aesthetic — generally appealing to school-aged children and their parents. With the assistance of our marketing consultants, Mindy’s dance school was able to create revenue-generating dance studio postcards announcing their open house.

Here’s what made this dance class advertisement work:

  • The vibrant pink color scheme jumps out at prospects in the mail
  • A photo of girls in tutus tells recipients immediately what they're offering
  • The headline is a BENEFIT, telling prospects what they'll get out of signing their child up for dance classes 

A targeted mailing list is a huge component of successful marketing for dance studios. Mindy’s School of Dance sent their postcard to a list of 3,100 prospects with children ages 3 to 12.

We recommend sending out your dance studio postcards multiple times, but even with just one mailing, Mindy’s dance academy generated great results!


The Results

“About 15 new students from just one dance class advertisement”

After mailing just one batch of postcards announcing their open house, Mindy’s School of Dance signed up 30 new dancers. “About half of those have stated that they received a postcard,” they said. If you’re wondering how to market a dance studio, just call PostcardMania!

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