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Accountant Marketing – Beverly, MA Tax Case Study

“5-10 new clients acquired, which paid for the marketing and then some! ”


Donald T. Bates CPA




Beverly, MA

Cards Mailed

Accountant Marketing case study

Design Features

The front featured a large graphic showing a stack of dollar bills and told readers that Donald T. Bates could get them the most out of their tax refund. The back listed the benefits of choosing a CPA, like Donald, as opposed to one of the larger tax service companies. It emphasized a free consultation offer and personalized service, but reminded prospects that he is qualified to handle the taxes of both individuals and businesses alike.

The Situation

Massachusetts CPA Donald T. Bates wanted to explore ideas to expand his clientele during the busy tax season. In the competitive tax prep industry, an effective accountant marketing campaign is vital to put your name out in front of your prospective clients. Mr. Bates consulted called PostcardMania for help with his tax service marketing. 

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The Solution

Our tax/accounting marketing consultants helped Mr. Bates create an eye-catching tax postcard marketing plan. Here’s why the strategy was effective:

  • The main image of a stack of money gets prospects' attention and tells them exactly what is being offered — more money!
  • The clear, bold headline includes and benefit and supports the image 

Each prospect on the CPA’s mailing list received the postcard twice.


The Results

“I picked up 5-10 new clients as a result of the postcards

Mr. Bates saw great results from his tax office marketing campaign. “I estimate that I picked up 5-10 new clients as a result of the postcards,” he said. “The fees generated from these clients will more than offset the cost of the campaign.” And that’s just one tax season! If those clients come back year after year (as they most likely will), the campaign will pay for itself over and over again!

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