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1. A Tracking Number is Assigned to Your Campaign

We’ll assign  a unique “call tracking” number to your campaign; you can choose either an 800 number or a number with your local area code for a more down-home feel. All calls to that number will be routed to your usual business number, so you and your staff won't have to change up a thing.

Call Tracking for Direct Mail


2. You Track Responses and Listen to Recorded Calls Online

When calls start coming in, simply log into your account and all your metrics will be available in your online dashboard! You’ll see how many calls came in through your call tracking number. Plus, you can listen to recordings of all the calls to see how well your salespeople are handling leads! Shabizzam!

Call Tracking Shows You:

  • How many calls a particular mailing generates
  • What time of day you receive the most calls
  • How your receptionists and salespeople handle incoming calls
  • Which offers generate the most responses


  • 5 star rating
  • Honest, friendly, persistent..supported by an excellent team...totally reliable!

  • 5 star rating
  • Everyone I spoke to was very eager to help me get the job done and in a very friendly and professional manner - Keep it up!


What kind of data does Call Tracking track?

The biggies are: how many calls your campaign produced, what time of day you get the most calls, and how your salespeople handle leads (by recording the conversation).

What is a account? is a personalized online dashboard that collects all your tracking data. (If you use DirectMail2.0, it includes online lead and follow-up tracking.) 

How fast can you get this set up?

It only takes a few days to get everything up and running!


You can add call tracking to your postcards for a very small monthly fee. It’s practically free!

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