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I was amazed at how much of the advice in this book applies to all marketing channels – not just postcards! Enticing offers, calls to action, USP’s, speaking to one’s audience, targeting and refining that audience… -A.D

Whether you are a full-time marketer or a new business owner looking to get into the game, Joy Gendusa’s Ultimate Postcard Marketing Manual contains the knowledge and tips you need to be successful (or more successful) in all your marketing endeavors.

Joy is the founder and CEO of PostcardMania, a multi-million dollar marketing firm that she built using the exact methods she lays out in the book. But they didn’t only work for her, they have worked for more than 50,000 of her clients since PostcardMania was founded in 1998.

The best part is that you don’t have to pay anything to find out if this book can help you. You can see for yourself — for FREE.

This e-book will teach you how to:

  • Plan Your Marketing Budget
  • Design Effective Direct Mail Pieces
  • Develop Successful Offers to Drive Response
  • Keep a Steady Flow of New Business Coming
  • Effectively Target Your Prospects & Current Customers
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