Government/Politics Case Studies

Patrick County Republican Committee
This was the first time PCRC tried a direct mail campaign to gain traction with voters. Each of their candidates ended up winning their seats in landslide victories!
John Carpenter
He won his election by just 17 votes and attributes it to the online ads!
Casey Weinstein
I won the election!
Zach Upton
He was re-elected!
Shawn Stewart For Canton City Council
We won the election!
Marty Gearheart For House Of Delegates
We won our election thanks to our marketing postcards!
Councilwoman Suzy Alba
Won her seat with the highest amount of votes out of any of the 10 candidates elected and did it as a newcomer!
Judge Nancy Thane
Won her election unseating an incumbent Judge!
Tyson Larson
When you mail postcards to those who vote regularly, you build credibility with the voters you know you can count on.
Dan Morris
Political campaigns are about name recognition and connecting with voters, and postcard marketing allows you to achieve both.
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