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Measurable Solutions

"Postcards grow your business consistently and can build remarkable business growth momentum for your company."


Measurable Solutions


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Clearwater, FL 33756

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The Situation

Measurable Solutions wanted to use marketing postcards to quickly convey a specialized message to their target audience, physical therapists. They consulted with our marketing pros to put together an effective mailing strategy.

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The Solution

Measurable Solutions consults Physical Therapists (PTs) and knows that PT’s, as a whole, generally have difficulty getting new patients into their practices, due to the necessity of doctor referrals for their specialized service. They needed a marketing medium that would allow them to immediately convey the message that something could be done about that problem.

The Results

Using postcards as their main vehicle, Measurable Solutions spends 14% of their gross income on marketing, which equates to about $15,000 per week. They do keep track of the number of leads that come in, but they are more interested in the amount they are generating in sales. If you were to put a graph of their “Promotion Out” (number of promotion pieces mailed out) next to a graph of their sales, the growth is nearly identical. The more that you put your message out to the public, the more you are going to bring in. As Measurable Solutions increases the amount of postcards they are sending out, they continue to grow their company in a big way ‰ŪÓ enough so that they made Entrepreneur’s 11th Annual Hot 100 List in 2005 as one of the fastest-growing new companies in the USA. When asked what was the secret to their growth they said, “Promote broadly to all potential public and internally make sure everyone’s purposes align with the goals of the group.”

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