Will Google LEAVE YOUR SITE Behind on April 21?

turn your backBIG NEWS: Google is set to roll out a HUGE update on April 21 (next week!), and it will have a serious impact on mobile search results. Everything I’ve read online about this update so far has been dry, technical and difficult to get through, so I want to share with you what I’ve learned about it in Normal Person English. Let me start with a real-life example:

Sometimes my husband tells me I shouldn’t spend so much time on my cell phone. My response: WHY? I can check my work emails, scroll through my Facebook news feed and answer my messages all from the same device, from the comfort of wherever I want to be, at any time of day. It’s amazing!

Google is on to this behavior in a big way. In fact, we now spend more time consuming digital media on our mobile devices (60%) than on desktop (just 40%).*

And in its newest update, Google plans to punish those who don’t agree!

Did I scare you there with that last part? Well good, you should be scared.

Google’s big update boils down to this: their search engine algorithm (the programming that tells Google where to rank certain sites) will be getting an overhaul with a big focus on mobile-optimized content. Mobile-optimized just means that the site works well on a mobile device.

For you as a Google user, this means the results you get while doing a search on your smart phone will be better and geared more toward your device. No more pinching and squinting at huge webpages crammed onto your tiny screen! For you as a business owner, this means having a website that automatically adjusts to fit your smart phone (called responsive design) is going to be a necessity… and those that don’t will be shoved into the Google basement of page two and beyond.

Here’s how to tell if your website is currently mobile-friendly:

google url

Go on your smart phone and Google your own site (literally type in “site:yourwebsite.com”). Look at the results and see if they say “Mobile-friendly” next to them. If so, you are good. If not, keep reading…

(Photo source: http://moz.com/blog/9-things-about-googles-mobile-friendly-update)


If your website isn’t responsive, that means I have to scroll around on my small smartphone screen to try and find links and information. That isn’t good — for the end user (your prospect!) OR your Google mobile search ranking. But I do have a solution for you.

Our new template websites designed by my team of Maniacs are 100% responsive. We can custom build the website of your DREAMS for you, or you can snatch up a super affordable template site (starting at just $495 for current clients and $995 for new clients), have it up and running in just 4-6 weeks and then boom. Bring on all that lucrative mobile traffic.

You heard right. Even the most basic website package will automatically adjust your website to fit perfectly into the visitor’s smart phone and be completely in line with Google’s imminent update.

This is crucial for your business. The higher your website ranks in Google’s results, the more traffic you get, which means more leads and more sales. If you’re a technophobe and neglect this update, I’m sorry, but you may see a dip in visitors coming to your site. Are users really going to wait around for your website to load and then scroll around looking for ways to navigate?

Nope. They click away and give their business elsewhere.

I won’t lie to you. There are PLENTY of website design companies out there who will charge you plenty to design a site that is mobile-optimized. And there are plenty of “free” sites that you could use to design a website yourself, and hope they are seen and get people calling you — that may or may not be mobile-optimized. There is only one reason we’ve thrown our hat into the very crowded website design world and that is this: If small businesses want great results from their postcard campaigns, they have to have a good website that converts visitors into leads.

PostcardMania has always been about making you money, not taking it away. We offer the same services, and MORE — I’m talking one-stop-shop value for a lead-generating postcard campaign that drives tons of traffic to your beautiful new site — for a good deal less. And I know, because I had my New Products Manager blindshop our competitors when we set our prices 😉

Google’s mobile friendly update rolls out on April 21st, so you need to get this figured out right away! Call today at 1-800-628-1804 to get started building your site and not be left in the dust.

What do you think of Google’s new update? I want to hear your thoughts! Sound off in the comments or drop me a line at Joy.Gendusa@postcardmania.com.



* According to the 2014 U.S. Mobile App Report, released by comScore

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