Why You Are MISSING 80% of Your Sales

email follow-up 2Have you ever looked at your phone after you’ve ignored it for a while to see someone has texted you five or more times? When this happens to me, the first thing I do is open their messages and think “Geez, what’s the emergency?” Usually it’s just someone like my son or husband trying to get my attention. And you know what… they got it.

Family isn’t the only one begging for attention—as business owners, we have to do the same. Did you know that 80% of sales happen AFTER the fifth to twelfth contact? How many times do you reach out to a prospective client?

With all the different forms of marketing people receive daily (called “noise”) it’s easy to have your attempts at contact missed. It’s important to find a way to continue the conversation and remind prospects that you are still around. A great way to do this is through email.

But not just any email. There’s a specific email campaign out there that can get help you rack up the contact points with prospects, building trust over time, without you having to lift a finger!

Ever heard of an automated email drip campaign? I know it sounds like a coffee maker—in a way it kind of works like one—but it’s a great way to strike up a conversation with customers without having to put in the work manually. I’ll explain how it works:

  • You offer something on your website that requires prospects to give you their email address in exchange, like a weekly newsletter, discount, or maybe free samples.
  • The email addresses of your leads are added to a database and an email funnel (a series of emails written and scheduled ahead of time).
  • Those new leads receive those pre-written emails automatically, over the course of the schedule you’ve set up.

Check out this flow chart for a visual example of how it works.

If you’ve ever signed up for a special offer with a business and immediately received a thank-you email, this is an example of the first email in an email funnel. It was triggered by your signup.

The benefits of creating an email funnel for your business are HUGE. For instance, you will:

  • Build trust by reaching out to prospects regularly (ideally with educational/helpful content — more on that shortly)
  • Keep your business’s name, brand and services in the forefront of your prospects’ minds
  • Increase the number of touches made AUTOMATICALLY, with minimal effort

It takes 5-12 touches for 80% of prospects to close… who has time for that??

And eventually work your way to the front of the line over competitors vying for that prospect’s business

Ideally, you’ll end up with a pot of steaming hot, ready to buy clients! Of course not everyone is going to respond and some people will want off your email list, but don’t worry. It’s better to over-email a few people and have them opt out than have a lead forget all about you!

PostcardMania has prospects that unsubscribe from our email funnels daily — but they only make up about 0.1% of who we email, and with about 180 new orders every week, we’re still doing pretty well!

Creating Your Email Funnel

There is a lot to consider when creating an email funnel campaign. The first thing to look for is a good email program. This isn’t something you could just create from scratch and it’s not necessary either. Do a Google search and find one that suits your needs. iContact and Marketo are popular services that we have experience with and would recommend if you want to do it all on your own. (PostcardMania does offer this service as well. Juuust in case you’re interested in a more turnkey service!)

Next, let’s look into what the email should be about. Remember, 80% of sales happen after the 5th-12th contact, so make sure you have enough content to reach that point. Include strong call to action statements that get your prospects to respond by either calling or emailing back. Asking something like, Can we discuss today?, is a great way to encourage the flow of real conversation.

At PostcardMania we use a variety of different automated emails. With the exception of a few monthly special offers, about 90% of the content we outflow is EDUCATIONAL. This is how you build that all-important trust.

Here are a few examples we use that may spark some creativity for your own:

  • Client case studies – We send emails that show successful postcard campaigns and break them down to show what worked.
  • Addressing the pain points in your industry – The biggest fear small business owners have when it comes to marketing is wasting money on something that won’t work, so we tell them what has worked for clients like them. It’s that simple.
  • Relevant statistics or numbers – Prospects DON’T want to hear about how great you are, so a good way to build trust is to use facts and figures that don’t lie. (For example when we email a particular industry we will let them know we have 3,640 clients in that industry already succeeding with postcards.)

Why don’t you see some examples for yourself? Go to PostcardMania’s homepage and fill in your email in the spot provided. You will be automatically added into our drip campaign and can see how our emails change every time. Even if you NEVER plan on using PostcardMania, receiving our drips for yourself will give you a good idea of what’s needed to make an impression and close sales.

PostcardMania’s Email Facts

At PostcardMania we receive around 700 new email subscribers per week. These subscribers will receive between three to five emails a week from us—that way we’re always on their mind—until they buy.

When they buy, they move to our customer email funnel. While here they only receive one email from a sales rep, but also receive a newsletter and a customer blast (an offer for a special or advertising for a particular service like DirectMail2.0).

Sure, we have people unsubscribe from us weekly too. Generally these are our very old leads and really only account for about .1% of our total mailing list. But you know what? From the tracking we’ve done, I can say FOR SURE that more people turn into customers via the emails we send them than people who just cold call us without receiving a single email.

Want some proof? On an average week, we bring in around 85 orders from NEW clients of our 180 weekly average total (almost all of these have been in our email funnel). Those other 95 orders are from existing clients who receive our customer emails.

If we didn’t have several email campaigns running there is NO WAY we would be bringing in around 85 new or 95 returning clients a week. Stop missing out on those 80% of customers you aren’t contacting. Set up an email campaign and watch the sales roll in!

If you have any questions about email drip campaigns, email funnels or want us to set up a campaign for you, please call my expert marketing consultants at 1-800-628-1804.



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