When Your Business Is Better Off Without You

I must say: I’m flying pretty high right now! We just wrapped up one of our biannual Take Your Business to the Next Level events, and I absolutely love the time I get to spend teaching and mingling with fellow business owners. It kick starts my drive and creativity all at the same time. 🙂 My business is WAY better off when I take time to get away and recharge…

Wanna know what you missed out on (or relive the good times)? Check out these quick event wrap-up videos my son put together! Then sign up for the next event in March (more details after the jump)!

As I mentioned, we’ve picked the dates for the next event: March 4-6, 2015! Visit www.postcardmania.com/nextlevel for a complete event schedule, featured speakers, and sign up information!

HINT: I cover almost the entire cost of the event for clients. J

As always, let me know if I can help in any way. Drop me a line at Joy.Gendusa@PostcardMania.com! If you were at the event, please leave your two cents in the comments!!





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