Something You Can Do Today to Improve Your Customer Service

Give and you shall receive.

Or just give and don’t worry about receiving.  (Yeah, I like that better.)

But receive you will, whether you “worry” about it or not.

Right now, more than ever, one of the BEST marketing actions you can take happens to also be the EASIEST. Give superior customer service… and then make it even better. Here are a few things you can really do today:

•  List out all the ways you believe you have superior customer service. Once you do that, figure out how to improve it.
• Buy from your competitors and evaluate their customer service. You may notice things you don’t really like and then realize your company does it the same way! We did this and    it was illuminating to say the least!
• Ask all your staff to tell you how they can give better service to your clients and to each other and to you — I did this exercise and it was fantastic… It really got them thinking and   figuring it out.

Here are some partial answers a few of my staff came up with:

Sales – R. B.
“With customers on the phone, I can take the viewpoint of helping them expand their business even more. Not only setting them up for their direct mail campaign, but also let them know that I’m very knowledgeable in other advertising fields and would be happy to supply that knowledge to them if needed. This is a great way to keep open communication lines with my clients.”

Accounting – D. U.
“I do the inventory for Will and Dottie, and in doing so I inventory the entire company – over 1,000 items each time. I try to improve the accuracy and completeness of the data. I’m counting our equipment and assets, as well as checking on the condition of them and reporting to Will if I find anything that is not being properly cared for or damaged. This keeps us compliant with tax laws and makes sure our equipment is kept in good shape.”

Design – D. S.
“From my post as a designer, it is as simple as producing a high-quality, effective design. I try my best to do that with each job for each customer. It also goes as far as trying to maintain a workable balance between the customer desires and the customer needs. Many customers have a generally bad idea of what a good design should contain, so it’s sometimes difficult to give them what they need in contrast to what they want. It’s a delicate and sometimes difficult process.”

Design – M. A.
“As a designer I really do strive to improve on every design I create. I know I could get away with OK designs that would be completely acceptable — but as a designer who wants to IMPROVE, failing to challenge myself in this regard is not only a disservice to our customers but also to my desire to become better at what I do.”

Sales – E. S.
With Customers:
“I will take the time to send an email and/or call to follow up during the process to make sure everything is on track and that they are satisfied with everything. This is not usually done until after the order is completed and they need more cards. This is an action that I can do to further show that I care about their marketing and I wish to see them succeed. It doesn’t need to be anything extravagant, just a contact, a reach. That way when it is time to re-order they remember the care I showed them and the interest that I have in their success. This will also help to boost referrals because it is a nice unexpected courtesy.”

With Prospects:
“I will take the time to find specific information, statistics, case studies, marketing data, etc. to send personally to them (not bulk) so that they can be further educated on marketing and what they need to do. Everyone expects a free quote; no one expects free information that directly relates to their industry and their marketing needs.”

With Co-workers:
“I will show them courtesy, kindness, and respect for their hard work and dedication to their jobs. When creating a routing form I will make sure not only to check off the basics but note in depth what the client and I discussed so that they have as much data as possible to service the customer, which makes for a smoother process in production and mailing. I will educate my customers on who will be helping them throughout the process so that my co-workers do not get an customer for lack of predictability. If I get information on my lines, I will forward it on in a timely manner. I will make sure to get lists done early so that the mailing service rep does not have to request the list and so that their stats are in a higher range. I will acknowledge my co-workers’ hard work and be sure to let them know when they completely ROCK!”

Customer Service – J. D.
“I try to go above and beyond on each customer’s order to complete what needs to get done in the best way possible. There are countless times that I have stay late or come in early to make sure all of the customers at my post were handled in a timely manner. I treat all of my customers as I would like to be treated, were I a business owner, and try to “wow” them with my service. I want to take customers by surprise and treat them in a way they don’t expect in today’s market, but should expect while working with PostcardMania.”

I have 155 staff so there are many, many more of these I could put down here, but I think you get the point! One girl, so cute, sent me something and as I was reading it I saw that what she was writing was not “more” but the “expected” amount of service. I kept reading and at the very end a light bulb went off for her and she wrote that she could do all of what she wrote but truly CARE for the person she was dealing with and they would be able to feel that – her care would shine through! She then thanked me for making her take a look and figure this out!

I hope this gives you some inspiration in your own business and your own customer service. Again, I love helping you, so if you want to write to me and ask me anything about your marketing or have me critique any marketing piece you have, I am so happy and willing to do this. I do get a ton of requests, so just be a teeny bit patient with me! I will get to it, I promise!


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