Social Media Sins You’re Probably Committing…

Social Media SinsNow that I’m FINALLY on Twitter (by the way, follow me @joygendusa!), I’m seeing a lot of social media sins being committed by businesses out there — and given how easy they are to fall into, you just might be one of them! So I wanted to use this newsletter to address two of the BIG ones that we are all guilty of at some point, if we’re honest.

These digital faux-pas are driving people away and leaving a bad taste in the mouths of our fellow tweeters, so be sure to read on and fix the problem!

Social Media Sin #1: Not Responding to Tweets

This one is critical, especially for small to medium-sized businesses. If someone mentions or contacts your business on Twitter… RESPOND! If they are paying you a compliment, thank them. If they are complaining for all the world to hear, apologize and see if there is a way for you to handle the issue. This speaks volumes to not only the person you are responding to, but also anyone else who witnesses the dialogue. (And if it’s on Twitter… that could be EVERYONE.)

Think about it: The point of social media is to be SOCIAL. If someone walked up to you at a party and said, “Hey I ate at your restaurant last night and it was great,” would you just turn around and walk away? Of course not! But that’s what we do on Twitter and Facebook — and it’s got to stop, because it feels like a slight to the client and/or a prospect just watching it all unfold. And that’s not good for business.

Social Media Sin #2: Being Overly Promotional

Now here’s a waste of internet space if I’ve ever seen one. I’m telling you right now: If you have a social media page, and all you do is post about how great your business is and what specials you are running… NO ONE IS LISTENING. Seriously. People just tune you out. You aren’t being social. Take the party scenario again… if I walked up to you at a party and just started telling you about our special offers how would you react to me?

I’m not saying you can’t be promotional ever. You are a business after all. Naturally you will talk about your business, specials you are running, company news — all that good stuff. But if that is ALL you are doing, well, you are social media sinning, my friend.

You have to strike the delicate balance of promotional posts, educational posts, and personal posts. A good place to start would be the 2-2-1 rule I just made up: For every couple educational and personal posts you publish, you can post one promotional one. If you’re ratio is far off of that, you are probably turning people off.

What do you think? Let the social media strategy dialogue fly in the comments!

And thanks so much for reading! I really appreciate you! As always, let me know if I can help you in anyway. Drop me a line at Oh, or tweet me! 😉




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