Small Business Blogging: Tips for Using Holidays to Create Blog Content

small business blogging tipsCreating quality content for a business blog can be a tough task for many business owners. We want to help you get some business blog post ideas, so you can use your blog to start attracting prospects and turning them into customers.

Today, I want to talk about how holidays can serve as your blog content inspiration. Holidays are a time of excitement. Every major holiday is surrounded by a buzz that brings people together. When Valentine’s Day comes along, everyone is talking about love and relationships. When Thanksgiving arrives, everyone discusses the importance of gratitude.

That is exactly why holidays are a great opportunity for creating blog content. Holidays give you the opportunity to write about something people are already talking about and interested in. Sharing the holiday excitement helps your prospects connect with your company, which gives your company an edge over your competition when they are making a purchasing decision in your industry.

For example, a Day Spa can write a post called “Unique and Thoughtful Valentine’s Gift Ideas”, which tells prospects about a special Valentine’s Day service they offer. It presents it as a more thoughtful option than the traditional flowers and chocolate. This post uses the excitement and buzz of the holiday to promote their business.

To find out more about holiday blog content and other content ideas, download our new marketing report created specifically to educate small business owners on creating effective blog content.

What are some examples of great holiday blog post ideas? Let’s talk about them in the comments…


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