10 Awesome Reverse Mortgages Postcards You Can Send

reverse mortgage postcards

ATTN: Mortgage brokers!

Need reverse mortgages postcards you can customize to your business and send for more leads?

Here are 10 direct mail designs already proven to work!

1. Promote a special offer on your reverse mortgages mailers prospects will call you to grab

Your prospects may not need a broker when they initially see your reverse mortgages advertising —


A killer special offer on your postcards (that saves prospects $$$) will entice them to save your mailer, stick it on their fridge, and call YOU when they do need you.

Here’s an example with a gift card offer:

reverse mortgages postcards

Who can’t use $100 at Walmart?

2. Use a bold headline to grab prospects’ attention on your reverse mortgages direct mail

See how your eyes instantly go to the headline that illustrates how the man feels?

reverse mortgages direct mail

3. Personalize your reverse mortgages mailers with this 100% automatic tactic 

Personalizing your mortgage marketing is EASY (and cheap!).

We take your quality mailing list and design your direct mail to reflect pertinent information on your mailing list…

Thereby, personalizing your postcards to each and every prospect on your mailing list.

Here’s an example:

reverse mortgages mailers

4. Send reverse mortgages mailers to a targeted mailing list for DOUBLE the leads

By targeting whom you send your mortgage mailers, you’ll receive at least DOUBLE the response, according to data from the DMA.

You would only want to send the below postcard to a mailing list full of senior citizens, right?

reverse mortgages postcards


You can get 1,000 FREE records to start here.

5. Highlight your contact info with a CAN’T-MISS-IT color

You can use this mortgage postcard design to make your call-to-action and phone # POP:

reverse mortgages marketing

Notice that special offer again with the Walmart gift card!

6. Send VERY noticeable reverse mortgages postcards like this example 

Prospects will definitely see these bright-colored postcards from the mail stack!

reverse mortgages postcard

7. Add Google ads to your mortgage direct mail campaign to generate 185 leads

Imagine taking this mortgage postcard design:

reverse mortgages direct mail

And flanking it with Google ads…

So that prospects who receive your reverse mortgages postcard in the mail (preferably more than once!) ALSO see matching Google ads online.

This multi-channel marketing strategy creates the impression that your business is everywhere


If you add Facebook AND Instagram ads the mix… you factually ARE everywhere prospects spend the majority of their time today.

Watch the 1:36 minute Everywhere Small Business here.

8. Add your logo into this reverse mortgages postcard

Make sure any reverse mortgages postcards you send always show your recognizable logo.

reverse mortgages advertising

Need help with a professional logo?

Check out PostcardMania’s logo design services here.

9. Show an attractive photo on your postcard to attract 219 leads

Photos where the subject looks at the viewer grab attention!

Like this direct mail example:

reverse mortgages marketing

I think you’d be surprised how fast and effective mortgage direct mail can generate leads for your business…

In fact:

One of my clients mailed only 6,000 postcards and generated 219 potential buyers!

10. Send this awesome reverse mortgages design for your marketing

Simple and straight to the point!

reverse mortgages mailers


You can get 1,000 FREE records to start here.

If you have ANY questions about marketing your mortgage business with direct mail, don’t hesitate to call one of my marketing experts at 800-628-1804 —

They will share other mortgage marketing campaigns with you for FREE.



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