Restaurant Website Design Analysis — Bloomington, MN

Creating a small business website design isn’t always a walk in the park. There are 5 essentials of business website design that you have to pay close attention to ensure that your site is maximizing its chance of success at turning any random visitor into a paying customer. For me, it’s easier to understand these principles with examples — and I know a lot of you out there are just like me!

That’s why we put together real, live website design analyses every Friday. So that you can see these 5 essentials as they’re put to work for small businesses like yours!

This week’s small business is the Pizza Gallery. They’re serving up hot pies seven days a week in Bloomington, MN.

See the site in action:


The key to successful marketing is being able to connect immediately with the prospect and not leave them guessing about what it is you have to offer. What I LOVE about the homepage for Pizza Gallery is that they’ve got fresh and delicious looking food front and center. BAM! Taste buds a-watering. (I know mine are!) They also get bonus points because their photos don’t look like stock photos. It’s probably no coincidence that their color palette coordinates with the Italian flag. It really hammers home fresh-baked Italian pizza pies for me! Mmmm.

pcm pizza gallery 1


Here are a couple great marketing essentials on this page…

1) Big Phone Number in the Top Right Hand Corner of Every Page – After decades of internet use, there are a few things that are engrained into us and that we’ve come to expect. Seeing a big phone number at the top of the page (usually on the right side with the logo on the left side) is one of those engrained expectations. This site doesn’t let us down. Plus, it’s a great fail-safe just in case something goes awry with their online ordering system. Speaking of…

2) Online Ordering System – If you’re in the restaurant business, an online ordering system HAS to be part of your website. (If it isn’t, I hope that getting one is on your to-do list!) Personally, I’m much more likely to order from a restaurant if I can just whip out my iPad and place an order. It’s an added convenience that could really add to your bottom line. Pizza Gallery’s system is easy to understand with a clear side-navigation form that’s broken down by menu sections.

pcm pizza gallery 2

The only thing this website is missing, in my opinion, is an About Us page. I love reading about the people behind the business! It’s definitely a deal-maker.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

SEO is the practice of optimizing your website so that search engines can understand what your website is about and rank it for relevant keywords people might be using to search for sites like yours. The better your SEO, the higher your website ranks for certain keywords. Pizza Gallery’s website is chockfull of keywords that people are searching for when they want to order pizza thanks to their menu page!


This site’s copywriting is made up mostly of menu items and descriptions, but their homepage is another story entirely. The copy there is friendly, to-the-point and full of benefits and mouth-watering keywords. They also get bonus points for bolding the most important parts to make it easy to skim. (Something we all do!)

pcm pizza gallery 3


The odd thing about programming is that it’s something you NEVER want to notice. If you do notice it, it’s almost always because something has gone haywire. The programming for Pizza Gallery discreet and effective, which is especially important with an online ordering system. They get top marks from me on programming, that’s for sure!

Does your site have all 5 of the small business web design essentials? Find out by downloading ourUltimate Small Business Web Design Checklist.



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