Ask Joy: Seminar Attendance, What is the Estimation of Effort?


I have used your services many times in the past couple of years and referred some attorney friends to you as well who have also tried your services.

I experiemented w/ a 6000 name mailout for a seminar Nov 3 but only had a disappointing 5 people respond.

Any suggestions for 2010 ?



Hi Ken,

I can tell you that we have learned that it takes a LOT more effort to fill events these days. I did a seminar today as a matter of fact and let me tell you the effort that went into getting 60 attendees. We sent out 22,000 6 x 11 cards and then we had 5 people calling out to the list for about 8 business days non-stop!

I was AMAZED at how hard it was! We had a good turnout in the end. But it was ROUGH. Our event was just $49 per person for a ½ day marketing seminar covering direct mail, email and website/internet marketing. I feel we’ll do well with the follow up and closes after the fact. I thought we would EASILY sign up 150 people with the 22,000 one time mailing and some emails to our local house list. Not so.

I guess my point is this.. take a look at what you need to make from the seminar. How many folks do you need to close to make that amount? What percentage of people do you usually close that come? Let’s just work it backwards and see if the ROI works out based on what you will make… see what I mean? 6000 pieces with no follow-up calls seems to not be enough.

I just reviewed your design and it looks okay but it’s not great. The front does not even let you know it is a seminar.. I think a headline like “IT’S TIME TO DO YOUR ESTATE PLANNING!” would get folks to take action.. they know they need to do it but it may be a bit hard to confront… I’ll look in on your next design if you like before we send it to you. I’m home right now so I’m looking at your record in our database and it looks like you supplied partial art and we did partial design for you. I think if you let us just do our thing you will get better results.

I went to your website and that looks pretty good. I would have liked to see a place to RSVP for the event right on your homepage…a fill-in form. Next, it looks like you hit the list only one time… I’m thinking if you had a card that didn’t give the time/dates but just told them to go to a landing page to get more info this would give them more data… keep the card simpler – don’t give too much info… I think we can make the design much more effective.

Well, Ken, those are my stream of consciousness thoughts!! I hope you give us another opportunity to help you with this. I think we can do better. Plus, get the phone numbers appended to the list and get them called (if it’s worth it – I don’t know the ROI on a close for you so I can’t completely think with it).

Best, Joy


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