10 Awesome Private School Marketing Postcards You Can Advertise With

private school marketing postcards

Do you own or run a private school and want to see proven-to-work school marketing examples for more new students?

Check out these 10 private school advertising designs you can customize for your school’s next marketing campaign!

1. Generate a 1,009% return on investment from your private school marketing

My client Bethlehem Christian Academy mailed school postcards to a mailing list of 2,000 families with children ages 5-12 in select neighborhoods 2 times over the course of 2 weeks.

Their results?

The academy’s school marketing plan brought in 5 new students — 

A 1009% return on their private school marketing investment!

You can watch their case study video here.

Here’s a school postcard you can send:

school marketing ideas

2. Generate $25,000 in revenue from your school marketing

My client Village Green Day School needed to generate more new students, so here’s their school marketing plan:

They mailed their school postcards to a mailing list with these demographics:

  • 3,000 families
  • With children ages 1-10 years old
  • And household incomes of $150,000+.


ONLY families with age-appropriate children received their school postcards.

Here are their results:

From just ONE mailing, 4 families immediately enrolled, which meant $25,000 in revenue!

That’s a 1,014% return on investment for their school!

Here’s a school postcard you can customize for your business:

Private school advertising

3. See $80,370 in revenue and a 2,870% return on investment from your school marketing plan

My client Pickaboo Daycare sent 5 separate private school marketing mailings of 1,000 school postcards over the course of several months.

After each mailing of 1,000 cards, Pickaboo Daycare received about 45 calls and converted 9 of those leads into new student registrations…

Here’s what that meant: 

The annual revenue added up to $80,370 — a whopping 2,870% return on investment from their postcards for schools.

Here’s a marketing private schools design you can use for your business:

marketing a school

4. See $5,418 in new revenue each month from your marketing plan for schools

My client Avalon School of Music flanks their school postcards strategy with matching Google ads using DirectMail2.0.

Here’s how that works:

With DirectMail2.0, whenever an interested parent goes to Avalon School of Music’s website and leaves, they start seeing Google ads for the music school on thousands of sites across the internet.

That keeps the school top of mind for when the child is ready to start taking music lessons!

Avalon’s owner estimates he sees about 42 new students every month from this coordinated, offline/online private school marketing strategy.

school advertisement ideas

5. Add $3,000 to your school’s bottom line with proven school marketing ideas

My client Grace Academy purchased a mailing list of 1,088 records consisting of homes with children ages 3-4 and located within 3 miles of their location.

From just one mailing of school postcards, Grace Academy received 3 new enrollments, which added $3000 in added revenue to the school from just ONE of their school marketing ideas to help increase enrollment!

back to school postcards

6. Double your enrollments and generate $2,300,000 in revenue

When the president of Lakewood College learned about the possibilities of school postcards to boost enrollments, she decided to go for it full force.

We helped her create a school marketing plan that enabled this college to grow from 10 new students per month to 120+ new students a month.

In fact:

Lakewood College went from making $120,000 per year to $2.3 million.

And now —

They’re making more in a MONTH now than they used to make in an entire year from their private school marketing!

You can read their full case study and watch their video here.

Here’s a school postcard you can customize for your private school marketing plan:

private school marketing strategies

7. Increase new students by 10 TIMES with proven school marketing ideas

Within 18 months of sending out his first school postcards, Mathnasium of Lake Forest had brought in 10X the number of clients they started with.

They originally had 13 clients, but through the leads their school postcards generated they brought in an additional 130 new clients in 18 months!

You can watch their case study video here.

Here’s a school marketing postcard you can send:

postcards for schools

8. Receive 25 calls and $15,000 in revenue from marketing private schools effectively

The University of Houston-Downtown decided on a school marketing campaign that used a mailing list of their own internal leads.

They sent out 2,507 mail pieces just once, and here’s what happened:

They received 25 calls, which generated $15,000 in revenue

We can design a school marketing piece from scratch for you, or you can customize one of our designs —

Like this one:

marketing a school

9. Add $35,000 to your bottom line with marketing private schools success strategies

We provided Dobson Academy with a targeted mailing list that had homes with children aged 5 to 11, and with household incomes of $35,000 to $150,000.

They purchased 2,000 records and added Google ads automatically to their mailings using DirectMail2.0.

DirectMail2.0 showed that their website was visited by nearly 4,000 prospects (using an online analytics dashboard) which resulted in their online ads being viewed 67,011 times!

Moreover —

They received 7 new students, which meant $35,000 in revenue from this one school marketing campaign.

Here’s a marketing private schools design you can use:

school advertisement ideas

10. Get a 233% return on investment from your marketing plan for schools

RLS Tutoring decided to purchase 2 mailing lists to send their school postcards to…

Here’s who they targeted:

  • Single-family homeowners
  • With incomes of $80,000+
  • And with a child between the ages of 5-7.

Moreover —

They added Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads 100% automatically to their mailings using Everywhere Small Business, which exponentially increased their results…

Here are their campaign analytics:

  • 35 tracked calls
  • 55,000 times Google ads were displayed
  • 376 clicks on their Google ads
  • 8,808 times Facebook and Instagram ads were displayed
  • 25 clicks on their Facebook and Instagram ads

You can see how Everywhere Small Business works here.

marketing private schools

Now remember —

Your mailing list is the main dish of your lead generation so DON’T skimp on it.

We guarantee at least 90% deliverability of your direct mail, and so should ANY good mailing list provider, FYI.

Get 1,000 FREE records to start your campaign.

If you have ANY questions about growing your school or Everywhere Small Business, don’t hesitate to call one of my marketing experts at 800-628-1804 —

Their advice and help is 100% FREE!



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