PostcardMania Sells President Obama Rubber Ducks? What?

New ProductsObama Rubber DuckAs a matter of fact, we do now – along with tens of thousands of other customizable advertising specialties products through our new online catalog.

What’s an “advertising specialty?” Anything anyone has ever given you at a trade show – logo pens, mugs, hats, even ring-tone download cards – branded products that help to keep you in the minds of your customers and prospects long after they hang up with your sales person or leave your meeting.

As we’ve all seen, sales cycles are getting longer in today’s market as prospects keep an eye on every penny and do even more extensive research than ever before. We found that you need a marketing tactic that separates you from everyone else in addition to your regular marketing, great products and superior service.

That’s where promotional products come in.

Much like direct mail, it’s a time-tested advertising tactic. Who would you remember more, the insurance agent with a business card or the agent that gives you a rubber duck with his logo on it that sits on your desk and is handled frequently? It’s a no-brainer and it doesn’t have to be expensive!

PostcardMania has great low prices on personalized promotional products from pens, kitchen sets, hats, coasters and much more – all from one trusted source!

Increase your closing percentage, your reorder rate or increase the good will factor of long time customers!

Check out a few of the products we offer – and every one can be customized for your business!

You can choose from thousands of products that work for you business. Stand out in today’s world – one gesture can go a long way!

See what products work for you at

This is a brand new way we are offering our customers more comprehensive marketing support, so I’d love to hear your feedback at


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