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PostcardMania is hosting the Crisis Buster event this weekend!

Remember a few weeks ago I told you about a test I took – a business test – that blew my mind? Here I’m going to tell you a bit more. You see, it’s very personal to me and difficult to explain. But, after doing the test and going over the results with Patrick Valtin, I started having major realizations about my business.

You take this test and there is a graph created from your answers showing where you are having difficulty. It’s broken down into several categories and basically organizes what is going on with you in regards to your business. Here’s the doozie: interestingly enough, I had a dip in the graph on marketing! Obviously, we have our marketing stuff together pretty well, so to see this was quite an eye-opener! How could this be?? I live, breathe, eat and sleep marketing!

Now, you’ve got to get that this test is PERSONAL to the business owner. I told you that after getting my results, I was very excited about what was to come – I had homework to do. And it wasn’t easy – it was introspective-type homework. The result? I have done a complete reorganization of my marketing department! I have to say that my bright ideas were like a knotted-up ball sitting in front of my face that I couldn’t pull apart, couldn’t extrapolate – couldn’t see! I could feel it, though. So after my homework, I called a meeting with my top people and just started talking… and listening.

Now, as background, something I also wasn’t completely confronting was the fact that my marketing projects were not getting done in a timely manner. I knew I had a great team that worked hard and put in the hours to get things done, but there were just so many brilliant strategies I wanted implemented, some were just falling through the cracks. It was like a catch-22: I knew if I got these projects done, we’d have more leads, sales and income, but the cost of adding staff was totally off the radar – for months. It never entered my mind. Not even remotely. I have four full-time, competent people working on marketing 40+ hours each week, plus my full-time PR. You know, the problems that seem totally unsolvable usually have the simplest solutions – if you can see the forest for the trees.

Basically, what I discovered is that my database marketing has been pretty much rubbish – except for this newsletter, of course! We’re great at lead generation, but getting our database of prospects – those that have reached in the past but never purchased – nurtured properly was where we have been falling short. I’ve got the entire thing all figured out now and I am beyond excited!!! The future is OH SO BRIGHT – I need my sunglasses 24-7! And I am adding three people to my marketing department. I’m taking the dollars I spend on the actual costs of goods and postage and putting it into those three salaries. I’m spending eight grand a week on nurturing campaigns – now I’ll spend six, but they will be a zillion times more effective!

Tomorrow is the beginning of the Crisis Buster event I am hosting at my facility here in Clearwater. Patrick Valtin is pure genius and pure wonderfulness! That’s all I can say, really. I mean, I have a good handful of brilliant businesspeople at my disposal eager to assist me when needed (and I am there for them too) – and I love them all, but I have to take my hat off to Patrick! If you can make it here by tomorrow and register at the door, you will have made the best business decision of your life. And the test and the personal evaluation from Patrick is included in the registration fee. It’s worth a ton of gold… I mean that from my heart.


P.S. Email me if you have any questions for me! I will get to them eventually. Right now I’m backlogged, so if you’re waiting for me to answer, don’t worry – I will! With the event coming up tomorrow and all my travels (saw U2 in Chicago this past week – fantastic show!) I just need you to be a tad patient with me – and I thank you for it!

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