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Marketing Inspiration to Kick off Your Morning — 3M Security Glass

marketing inspirationThere is a thing known as “getting the juices flowing,” and it is crucial to starting off your morning on the right note. Enter: this blog post. I find that hearing a crazy creative marketing story does the trick for me, and now it can for you too. Marketing juices: prepare to flow. You’ve been warned.

This morning’s marketing inspiration comes courtesy of 3M, which produces a super thick security glass product for, like, banks and other peeps who need really strong glass. Like the Secret Service probably.


Here’s a Picture of Today’s Inspired Marketing:


What I Like:
A.M. marketing inspiration
3M puts their (literal) money where their (figurative) mouth is! Talk about building trust! 3M trusts their product so much that they were willing to pile stacks of money inside it and walk away. (Well, it’s $500 of real money with fake money underneath, but for appearances sake the point stands.) They knew the money was safe behind their Security Glass. Passersby were allowed to punch and kick themselves silly to try to get the money (a security guard made sure they didn’t use anything more forceful). Plus, the idea is so creative that the ad immediately went viral, which means WAY more people saw it than just those on the street.

What’s the Takeaway?

I think there are two:

1) Believe in Your Products or Services.
Are you selling your product (primarily) because you want to make money, or are you selling it because you truly believe it improves the lives of your customers? Tough question, because money is important. But the bottom line is people don’t like to do business with someone who’s just in it to make a buck. They want to buy from someone that is trying to make their life easier, better, or more affordable. If you really believe what your company offers can deliver one of those things (or all of them) for your customers, be bold in your marketing and prospects will clearly see the difference between you and your competitors.

2) Stand Behind Your Products and Services
If you don’t trust your product, why should your customers? So prove that you do. Maybe give prospects a free trial, or send out samples of your work. If you’ve created a valuable and useful product or service that improves the lives of your customers, be confident in your work. Strut your stuff!

A free trial offer is a great way to put your money where your mouth is and prove your credibility to your prospects. People are generally happy to take the no-risk offer and give you a try. When your products or services make their lives easier, better, or save them money, they are likely to stick with you as a paying customer.

Consumers are getting smarter and more informed every day with the evolution of the internet and mobile technology. Companies that deliver quality are the ones that stand out in our hyper-competitive economy. So take a page from 3M’s book and start raising some eyebrows of your own!

Did this spark any marketing ideas for you? Let’s chat about it in the comments…

Happy Marketing,


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