Marketing Inspiration for Your Morning — TurboTax

marketing inspirationHappy morning to you all! It’s time again to throw some crazy marketing ideas at the wall and see what sticks, if you know what I’m saying…

This morning’s Marketing Inspiration comes from the indomitable Turbo Tax, who dares to make doing your taxes fun and (dare I say?) inspirational! Be sure to click the link above to see the ad.

What I like:
Easy — this commercial actually makes me like something from the tax industry (no offense, clients from that industry, but taxes aren’t exactly popular, as I’m sure you know). ☺ Turbo Tax somehow manages to make taxes nostalgic and sentimental. TAXES, i.e. the worst thing in the world. Sometimes you just have to give props where props are due.

Turbo Tax invites prospects to reminisce about their last year: having a baby, getting married, graduating college, getting a new job promotion, etc. This approach subtly endears the product to prospects, because it seems like a much more enjoyable way to do taxes than the competing options. Not only that, it makes doing your taxes look easy. Again: not an easy sell.

What’s the Takeaway?

Connect. Connect. Connect. Discover what matters to your prospects. What do they care about? What motivates them? What inspires them? If Turbo Tax can humanize taxes, you can definitely do it with your product!

For example, let’s think about a landscaping company. What if that company took into account the fact that times have been tough economically on the middle class and that stress takes its toll on family life? Maybe they create a campaign that focuses on everything the prospect can do in the time they are NOT doing the lawn. They could include shots of family time at the local ice cream shop. Or going for a family bike ride on Saturday morning. See what I’m saying?

Making a personal connection with prospects tells them you aren’t simply out for their money; you’re in this to improve their lives. This not only attracts new customers to your business, it also creates incredible brand loyalty. Just ask anyone who uses TurboTax. Almost all the TurboTax users I know say they wouldn’t use anything else. Their extra effort toward connecting with prospects has strengthened that brand loyalty.

Did this ad spark any marketing ideas for you? I want to hear about them in the comments…

Happy Marketing,


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