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free webinar introDid you miss my marketing webinar last week? You know, the one about why your postcard results aren’t as good as they should be… even if you think they’re awesome. (Gulp!)

If you did, you really missed out! Well, not really, because I’m providing the replay for you for FREE!

Speaking of missing out, there is something I don’t want you to miss out on that I CAN’T provide a replay on in my newsletter: Take Your Business to the Next Level, March 2015! If you haven’t signed up, or (gasp!) don’t know what it is, make sure to click on that link for details.

Now, back to your scheduled programming. Enjoy the webinar!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to answer every question during the webinar, so here are the answers for everyone I didn’t get to!

I am a franchisee and our franchisor provides our website, have you worked with franchisors for DirectMail2.0? – Kevin Smith

Hi Kevin! I’m hooking you up with my Corporate Relations team, because they deal with franchises and I honestly don’t know! So you’ll be hearing either from Saskia or Elizabeth soon (if you haven’t already)!

You can target the banner ads to appear on the computers of only the people you mailed a postcard to? How does that work? – Lena Taylor

Hi Lena! Anybody who visits your website will start getting followed — unless you’re in the medical field. Then it’s a whole other ballpark. Talk to me if this is you!

If we have budgeted X number of dollars and can do 3 mailings, what is the ideal time in between each mailing? – Steve Sirico

Hi Steve! It really depends on your sales cycle. If it takes a few days for someone to come to a buying decision, you want the mailings closer together (weekly, biweekly, etc.). If it takes many months or years for the buying decision to come to fruition, you want to space it out more (maybe monthly). With dance schools, I don’t have enough personal experience to know if it’s something that someone thinks about for a long time or decides on quickly. You would know better! But a good rule of thumb is just to make sure you DO mail repetitively. I wonder how many more sign-ups you would have gotten if you had mailed three times about your dance day instead of just once 😉

Do you integrate DirectMail2.0 with Facebook advertising? If so, do you have any stats on results? – Maida Candler

Hi Maida! No, DirectMail2.0 doesn’t integrate with Facebook, but at PostcardMania we use both DirectMail2.0 and Facebook ads. If you’d like, you can call 866-611-3903 and ask to speak to one of my digital marketing specialists about how to integrate Facebook into your current efforts.

What is a squeeze page and how can one utilize it effectively for marketing? – Brian Huber

Hi Brian! A squeeze page is a landing page that has the sole purpose of getting the visitor to opt-in to your mailing list. They can work really well with DirectMail2.0 if your postcard promotes a piece of content that the prospect really values and then directs them to the squeeze page to sign up and receive the content (or discount, etc.). The key is making sure you’re not just trying to trick people into giving up their info. Offer real value in exchange and everyone feels good about it.

I had a difficult time getting a mailing list. I felt like I was throwing things at the wall. – Pat Salezze

Hi Pat! You mean like spaghetti to see if it sticks? Then for your (and the wall’s) sake, you should call my experts for a free consultation. They can help you figure out the exact demographic to target with your mailings. And I have a long story I could tell you (but I won’t bore you) about who our compilers are and how picky we are about selecting them, but just know that we are responsible for making sure it’s a good list FOR you. That’s why I feel good about telling you to call us 🙂 866-611-3903

What was the book you were speaking of again on websites? – Kim Terry

Hi Kim! It’s called Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug. Great read. Highly recommended!

Do you have a feel for how much your successful customers are spending as a percentage of sales on PostcardMania mailings? – Alex Walter

Hi Alex! I can’t say that I know exactly how much THEY are spending as a percentage, but I know what they SHOULD be spending about 10–15%. Of course, you’ll need to spend more if you’re a startup, but 10–15% is safe for an established, successful company. Personally I think 14­–15% is the sweet spot if you want a growing company! And who doesn’t??

Would you use postcards in the reverse mortgage industry? – Harvey Catchings

Hi Harvey! Yes, I absolutely would. Check out these sample postcards we’ve worked up for your industry. (Under the Reverse Mortgage tab.)

Can we be an affiliate to your company? – Michael Tendler

Hi Michael! Probably! Elizabeth Bates is your person, and I think you are already connected with her. I know she reached out so hopefully you guys have connected!

For B2B sales, how can I get our postcards from the secretary to the actual decision maker? – Sean Arnold

Hi Sean! What’s your industry? For some industries (like dentists), we’ll really try to get the attention of the office manager, the person who looks at the postcard, and try to sell them on why they should sell their boss on it. So it depends on your industry, but there are a couple of strategies you can use to make sure your mail piece looks IMPORTANT. Call 866-611-3903 and one of my consultants can tell what we’ve done that worked, and help you get set up!

Would this work to sell books available through a self-published author? – KJ Facteau

Unless your book costs more than $500, or it’s a lead generation item for you that leads to you selling another high-ticket item (like perhaps you’re also a speaker with a pretty good fee?), or you expect your average customer to buy $500 worth of books, I wouldn’t recommend direct mail for you. However, I would definitely recommend the Google marketing part of DirectMail2.0, or even Google Pay Per Click advertising. We can help you decide if either of these is a good fit for you. Just call your consultant at 1-866-611-3903 

I’m the marketing assistant for a CPA firm that specializes in services to farmers and farm related businesses.  How do B2B postcards work for accountants? – Marjorie Denham

Hi Marjorie! Direct mail works great for accountants (we’ve worked with thousands). Absolutely recommended — especially if you’re in a niche market like you are. The better the niche, the better the results! You can check out our accounting sample postcard gallery, and then call 1-866-611-3903 to get started!

In terms of repetition, is it more important to keep things fresh with new offers often, or better to repeat the same offer over and over? – Claudio Varga

Hi Claudio! Great question. The biggest consideration is whether the offer is still working. If it is, stick with it! Bed, Bath, and Beyond has been doing the same 20% off mailing for YEARS UPON YEARS. Still works. As soon as it stops performing, switch it up. The best of both worlds is to keep running your successful offer, and then mail a test mailing with a different offer and see if you can beat it. If the test wins, that’s your new main offer!

For B2B sales, what is the average cost per sale? How much do you have to invest to get a sale? – Sean Arnold

Hello again! This depends on your particular business. Check out this estimation of effort worksheet to figure it out for your business! It costs us almost $1000 for a new customer, but we know that their lifetime value makes that cost worth it for us. So it depends on whether that cost is worth it for you.

Does blogging go with your website or where does that happen? — Mindy Starr

Hi Mindy! Yes, blogs should always be attached to your website to help optimize your site for search engine rankings. So what that means is that, when you type a word into a search engine like Google, they might find your blog instead of your website. So you want your blog connected to your website so they’ll end up on your site and hopefully become a lead. Does that make sense?

Can you talk more about the cookies and are there additional costs when your banner shows up on other medias. – Marc Alkes

Hi Marc! Cookies are what Google uses to track the people that visit your site. And, no, wherever your banner shows up, it’s all part of the package price. It will show up literally hundreds of thousands of times and you don’t pay anything extra.

Do you feel like direct mail works for a website company and also physicians… In other words: do people order or choose doctors from a postcard ad?  I sell from our website so I guess it depends on that, but do you see a lot of success in these markets? — Jim Fielden

Hi Jim! Yes! We have thousands of clients from the medical and dental industries that get great results from postcards. Check out the sample medical postcard designs on our site!

Are you using a landing page on the postcards you are currently sending out as opposed to the site? – Larry Jaffe

Hi Larry! Sometimes we do, sometimes we don’t. It depends on what we’re promoting for ourselves. My postcards advertise postcards and my homepage focuses (mostly) on postcards. We mail to 30 different lists per week, with 30 different designs, so it depends on that campaign whether we use a landing page or not.

Hello, I am in the mortgage business, have you worked with many in this industry? I do not do mailers but want to (those that do spend far beyond my budget to be successful I am told)…but the feedback I have gotten is that postcards don’t work for this industry. I don’t see why not and I like the postcard idea better than the usual “official looking” mailers. Do you have a division or rep that might have particular experience dealing with this industry who could guide me? Thanks for the presentation. – Miguel Soler

Hello Miguel! OMG – 46% of our business was the mortgage industry back in the day (back during the boom!). We know SO MUCH about your industry and direct mail is definitely great for mortgage! Your rep Meish is super knowledgeable about the mortgage industry too, and she can absolutely help to guide you. Just give her a call at 1-866-611-3903!

If you got something from the video, that magical golden nugget, please let me know! Feedback is always appreciated. Also, please shoot me any questions you have about the material I covered. You can reach me at and the comments section below!


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