It Isn’t Bragging If It’s TRUE

toot my own hornI don’t usually like to toot my own horn, but since this really has more to do with PostcardMania and the Maniacs, I’m super excited to announce…

PostcardMania was just ranked as one of the Top Workplaces in Tampa Bay for 2015 by the Tampa Bay Times! (Just scroll to the bottom for the full list.)

Even cooler: this is our THIRD year in a row being ranked as a top workplace.

Every year, these rankings are determined by an anonymous third-party survey of PostcardMania’s entire staff. They ask about everything from management competence to personal on-the-job fulfillment. Sound scary? It can be… OR you can just take a few strides to ensure that you’ve cultivated a great company culture where your staff can thrive, love their jobs and become your business’s #1 advocate. Sound good?

Then you’re in luck — I’ve got a few tips for creating your own top workplace environment.

Since PostcardMania opened in 1998, I’ve done my best to make sure each one of my employees are happy and love coming to work. If this wasn’t the case, I wouldn’t have such a loyal staff willing to devote 40 (sometimes 40+) hours of their week to my business. Some of them have been with me since PostcardMania’s humble beginnings!

Take PostcardMania’s President, Melissa Bradshaw, for example. Not many of you know this, but she was one of my very first employees. She’s been with us over 16 years now and can run PostcardMania without me — and does for the most part! If you’re anything like me, you would KILL for a Melissa in your company… but she isn’t going anywhere!

So you have to create your own Melissa. The key to this is remembering: if you don’t do anything for your employees, this is just a job to them. They are working five days a week, sometimes more, for YOU. The least you can do is show some appreciation.

But even more than that — than just appreciation — you have to allow them to totally own their position. It’s theirs. You have to let them make decisions… even if they’re not the same decision you would have made. That, my friends, is the KEY ingredient and the first one. But thanking them is next…

Take a look at some of the extras and incentives I give my staff to let them know how awesome I think they are:

  • In-house café – We have our own little café where employees can get their caffeine boost, as well as breakfast and lunch cooked on-site and to order.
  • On-site garden – Eating good, clean food is important to me, so I promised my staff fresh produce for the café. This meant building a large garden to provide the produce they eat every day.
  • FREE yoga class – Twice a week I have a professional yoga instructor come in to offer a lesson. Employees don’t have to leave the property to get their fitness on, which is win-win for both of us.
  • The Maniacs soccer team – Yes, PostcardMania has its own soccer team! Nothing builds camaraderie or promotes a healthy lifestyle like a company sports team.
  • Awards – I offer plenty of awards to my staff on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis with rewards built in that match the time frame. A few examples: most creative, quarterly division maniac, employee of the month and even employee of the year. Weekly prizes are small ($10 gift card to the café or a framed certificate, etc.) and the employee of the year gets a trip to NYC. See the scale?

These are just a few of the ways I let my employees know I care and foster loyalty. Many of these are easy to set up and make routine, some not as much, but they make a HUGE impact on morale.

So tell me, what do you do for your employees to let them know they’re loved and appreciated? Comment below or shoot me an email at

Oh, and P.S.—we ARE currently hiring! You can check out our careers page for our current open positions.




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