How to STOP Treading Water in Sales

treading waterHave you ever felt like you are barely keeping your business’ head above water? Like one wrong move could sink you for good? It’s a paralyzing feeling, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, many business owners are stuck in that paralyzing place when there is simple enough way out!

Imagine this scenario: A prospect purchases from you. Not too hard to imagine, right? Okay, so now that person is a customer and no longer a prospect. Here’s where most of us go wrong: What do you do now?

  1. Leave them be, no more follow-up needed (since they already purchased)?
  2. Send them a “Thanks for Buying” communication?
  3. Send them a “Thanks for Buying” communication with information on other products they might be interested in?
  4. Enter them into a customer follow-up funnel that thanks them for becoming a customer, asks how their experience was, and introduces them to other products they might have an interest in?
  5. Everything mentioned in 4. and also get in personal contact with them (phone or face-to-face) to discuss how their purchase went, what their needs are, and how your business can continue to meet their needs in increasingly better ways?

As you might have guessed, this is a spectrum. If you are closer to 1, you are prone to treading water. If you are in the 4 or 5 area, you should be in much better shape.

I understand very well from personal experience that putting in an ideal follow-up system takes effort and persistence, but know this: No matter where you fall on the spectrum, you can improve and move up. And it’s so very worth it.

You see, this is really a measure of your relational inclinations towards customers. Are you truly concerned about how well you met their needs, or do you tend to write them off and focus on the next sale? Neither approach is wrong, but one will net you an ever-expanding base of happy, loyal customers, and the other may produce a lot of one time sales. One maximizes the lifetime value of a customer. The other burns through people looking for the quick sale.

Obviously, not every business model is conducive to a personal phone call to follow-up, but you can carry that spirit into any business model, and that is what is important.

For help implementing a customer follow-up system that will turn customers into loyalists, call my marketing consultants at 1-866-889-0322.

And now as promised – the survey results from last week!

  1. 41% of you report that your biggest fear about direct mail in 2015 is that the money could be better spent on digital media.
  2. However, 43% of you still plan to spend more on direct mail in 2015 than you did this year – and that’s the most of any marketing medium.
  3. 42% of you do not plan to cut spending on any marketing media next year.
  4. The collective ranking for 2014 (from 1-5) was 3 (an average year).
  5. The collective predictive ranking for 2015 was 4 (a good year).

I have some thoughts I want to share on these results – by the way – so look out for that next week!

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