How to Stop Getting Lost in the Mailbox

postcardmania personalized postcards vdpWhen you’re in a busy, crowded place, and you hear someone shout out your name, what do you do? Consciously ignore it and keep going? Or do you automatically turn to see if it’s for you?

I do the latter, and I bet you do too. Now, let’s go to a whole-notha-level. Let’s say we’re talking about a prospect, and the busy, crowded place is their mailbox. If your postcard shouts their name, they are more likely to stop and give their attention to it. And there IS a way to do that, and honestly, it’s a product I haven’t really mentioned enough for how awesome it is.

So, imagine sending a postcard with the recipient’s name loud and proud right on the card like this…

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You may be asking, “How can you get a different name on each card – wouldn’t that cost, like, a million bucks?” Well, the answer is no, thanks to a pretty new technology called Variable Data Printing. The specifics get a little complicated, but basically it’s a software program that pulls specific data from your mailing list and incorporates it into the design. And yes, it is as awesome as it sounds! 🙂

We have found that our clients who combine a personalized postcard with Direct Mail 2.0 have exponentially better results. That combo is essentially the Hercules+Superman+Einstein of postcard campaigns.

Obviously, if you are considering this type of postcard campaign, I’d love to quote it for you and show you how to make it work for your business. But even if you use another vendor make sure your design includes all 10 elements of a successful postcard.

Let me know if I can help in anyway. Drop me a line at, or get the party started in the comments section below!



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