Great Marketing Campaigns: The Crash Pad, Chattanooga Tennessee

great customer serviceThe other day, one of our copywriters told me a story of amazing customer service his friend received from a small business, and I just had to share it with you. It may not be a “marketing campaign” per se, but customer service is marketing, so I am going to include it in this series!

The business is a boutique hostel in Chattanooga, Tennessee called The Crash Pad. The friend had stayed there on a rock-climbing trip with a few buddies. He loved his experience there so much he bought a Crash Pad bumper sticker for his car before he left. This was over a year and a half ago.

Flash forward to a few weeks ago. His car gets rear-ended on the highway by a driver who was “distracted by her cat” (which was in her lap).

Life Lesson #215: Don’t pet and drive.

Being the witty guy he is, the friend took a picture of the back of his car and tweeted it with this caption:

@PatrickJCahill: My car was a @CrashPad this weekend. :(”

great customer service

He expected his friends to get a chuckle out of the play on words. What he didn’t expect was this response from The Crash Pad:

@PatrickJCahill Dags, dude. If it’ll make ya feel better, DM us your address and we’ll send a care package for ya.”

great customer service

A few days later he got a letter offering him a free night in one of their premium private rooms or two “super bunks” if he wanted to bring some friends. They also included with the letter another bumper sticker for his new car.

Stories like this set The Crash Pad’s brand apart from their competitors. Guess who is never staying in a regular hotel again if he’s in Chattanooga. Guess who has been tweeting about how awesome The Crash Pad is and recommending them to any and all of his friends if they go even remotely close to Chattanooga. You guessed it.

It can’t be ignored that this is also an incredible illustration of how Twitter and social media can help small businesses connect with prospects and customers and build relationships with them.

It was a simple act of kindness for a customer living two states away who hadn’t stayed in their establishment for over a year, but that is the kind of extraordinary customer service that makes a brand untouchable in an industry. Make sure you aren’t squandering your chances to create raving, passionate customers just like The Crash Pad did with Pat. Loyal customers are the best kind of marketing, because they bring success that lasts.

Here’s How You Get Started:

  • Sign Up For Twitter (If You Haven’t Already)
  • Check Your Twitter Account 3x a Week to Check for Mentions or Set Up Alert to Tell You When You Are Mentioned
  • Post Regular Updates About Your Business to Keep Prospects and Customers in the Loop
  • Keep a Reminder in Your Office and Train Your Employees to Look Out For Those Opportunities to Impress People With Your Customer Service

What did you think about this story of extraordinary customer service? Have you experienced something similar with another company? Let’s chat in the comments…

Happy Marketing,


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