Glenn’s Bakery Website Design Analysis – Gallup, NM

Prepare yourselves: Visiting this website will make your mouth water and consider booking a trip to Gallup, NM. This Friday, we are looking at Glenn’s Bakery for my small business website design tips! I haven’t gone over many bakeries before, so strap in for something new!

My standard website analysis rules apply: there are 5 essentials of business website design that you have to know if you want to turn online prospects into customers. I’ll point them out as I go through the site, just try not to salivate on your keyboard…too much.

Go through the site with me:


Glenn’s Bakery hits a home run as soon as you visit their website—your eyes are instantly drawn to all the treats, as well as the colorful image of their business sign. Instantly, anyone who visits this site is going to know what Glenn’s offers, which is exactly what should happen. The logo is in the upper-left corner surrounded by swirls of chocolate, just what I want to see (and now eat). The establishment date in the logo adds credibility to the company, as it shows they have been around for many years.



The marketing aspect of a site determines how well a visitor is nurtured from simply being a visitor/prospect to becoming a lead and then a customer. Glenn’s Bakery gets these elements right in terms of marketing:

1)    Testimonials – The “About Us” page has plenty of testimonials that foster trust in both their company and the quality of their baked goods. Prospects are naturally more likely to believe the word of a satisfied customers over what you say about your own company.

2)    About Us – This page has a concise and detailed history of Glenn’s, and shows REAL members of their staff inside the store and surrounded by delectable pastries. (That’s almost like cheating… but not.)

3)    Contact Info – Glenn’s phone number is in the upper-right corner, just where I expected to find it. They also have Facebook and Instagram buttons above that… and with the images I’ve already seen, clicking on those is a see-more-sweets guarantee!

The one key element that Glenn’s Bakery is missing is a web form to turn website visitors into leads. While they do have one on their “Contact Us” page, it’s more dedicated to custom cakes than anything else. I would recommend having a contact form that encourages sign ups by offering coupons and alerts to discounts or new pastry items. I know I wouldn’t be able to resist that!

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

SEO is the practice of optimizing your website so that search engines can understand what your website is about and rank it for relevant keywords people might be using to search for sites like yours. The better your SEO, the higher your website ranks for certain keywords. Glenn’s Bakery targets keywords like “bakery” and “custom cakes” effectively, as well as their location in Gallup, NM. (Optimizing your site for your city or town is extremely important, especially if you’re a local business that relies on foot traffic, like a bakery!)



The copywriting for Glenn’s Bakery shows their enthusiasm and passion for baked goods and coffee all throughout the website. The copy is lighthearted and fun to read… not to mention informative, with a thorough menu section that really gets the cravings started.


Programming includes all the coding that is put into a website to make everything run without hiccups or errors. As for Glenn’s programming, I can’t find any errors! Everything runs smoothly and all the images show up for me. Bravo!

Does your site have all 5 of the small business web design essentials? Find out by downloading our Ultimate Small Business Web Design Checklist.



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