4 Genius FHA Loans Postcards You Can Send

fha loans postcards

ATTN: Mortgage brokers!

Need FHA loans postcards you can send to generate more qualified leads and new clients?

Here are 4!

1. Send beautiful FHA loan mailers like this example

We can customize this completely to your business!

FHA loans postcard

2. Send FHA loan postcards to a targeted mailing list for DOUBLE the leads

By targeting whom you send your mortgage mailers, you’ll receive at least DOUBLE the response, according to data from the DMA.

FHA loans direct mail

How do you know WHO to target though?

Go through your customer base and make a list of all your most loyal clients that you know of…

Then, tabulate the demographics of each of your best clients, and you’ve got a list of demographics you’ll use to create your laser-targeted mailing list.

3. Offer FAST service to attract calls from your mortgage marketing

Here’s an example…

State on your FHA loan postcards (and other marketing) that prospects can get approved instantly

Like on this postcard:

FHA loans mortgage mailers


Notice that prospects have to CALL for the details…

That’s what you want your marketing to do —

Prompt prospects to CALL you, so you can make appointments and win new business.

Here’s the last one…

4. Use a bold headline to grab prospects’ attention on your FHA loans postcards

See how your eyes immediately go to the headline on this advertising?

FHA loans mortgage advertising

That’s also a headline that flat-out works on mortgage marketing because qualified prospects often want to believe they can afford a new home!

One last note…

DON’T skimp on a quality mailing list.

If you buy a bad mailing list, you waste money (mostly postage!) on undelivered mail.

Better to nail down a mailing list FULL of qualified prospects so your mortgage direct mail marketing produces:

  • Calls
  • Leads
  • New business
  • ROI

We guarantee at least 90% deliverability of your direct mail, and so should ANY good mailing list provider, FYI.

Get 1,000 FREE records to start your campaign.

If you have ANY questions about marketing your mortgage business with postcards, don’t hesitate to call one of my marketing experts at 800-628-1804 —

Their advice and help are 100% FREE!



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