Facebook Marketing: 3 Reasons Your Promoted Posts are Bombing Part IV

FACEBOOK-MARKETING---3-REASONS-YOUR-PROMOTED-POSTS-ARE-BOMBING-4If you’re this far then you know all the truly critical information to make Facebook work for you because you’ve already read part one, part two, and part three of my “3 Reasons Your Promoted Posts are Bombing” posts. That means you should be able to find ways to promote your posts and create/write the best content to promote. But now I’m sure you’re asking yourself, will this actually work? Well, if you use the tips from the previous articles, you CAN earn some big financial results.

Reason III: You Don’t Believe in it & Won’t Let it Work

We’ve been over a TON of information, that’s for sure, but you might still be wondering if any of this will really work. To prove that Facebook marketing can produce results, here are some case studies that show what promoting a quality post can do for a small business.

Sweet Cheeks Diapers


– Create local awareness to their brick and mortar store and events

– Drive traffic to their online store


They promoted two photo posts: the first featured one of their new products, a custom wool soaker, and the second included an eye-catching image of different colored diapers they offer.


– 49 times return on investment from just two sales purchases online

– 2 times the increase in their reach and post interactions thanks to promoting their posts

Steve Holmes Photography


– Increase the visibility of recently posted photographs

– Encourage people to engage with both their Facebook page and blog


Steve Holmes Photography promoted two different posts, one featuring a Facebook album of high school senior’s portraits and the second of a Facebook album of a couple’s wedding.


– 2 times increase in new clients acquired during the promotion duration (3 days)

– 7.5 times increase in reach

– 2 times growth in traffic to their website

Bone Sucking Sauce


-Increase awareness of their grilling sauce


They promoted their Facebook post, “Which is better on the grill? Fish, chicken, vegetables, or steak?” to encourage conversation among their fans.


– 83% increase in online store sales

– 28% increase in online store visitors

– 9 times increase in engagement with the promoted post versus non-promoted posts

– 3 times increase in likes with the promoted post versus non-promoted posts

You too can achieve this kind of success for your company. Now that you know how to do it, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work!

To Recap:

  • Brainstorm 5 educational and prospect-benefiting blog posts you could write using your industry expertise and experience.
  • Brainstorm 5 free report ideas that you can use to educate prospects about certain topics related to your industry.
  • Set a budget for your social media marketing so you know exactly how much you are investing.
  • Create a checklist of the 5 essentials of a perfect promoted post to ensure that all your posts include all 5 points.
  • Set a schedule that relates to your budget and the amount of content you have so that you are promoted your posts on a regular basis throughout the year.

If you need help designing a landing page for your website, creating a blog or managing your social media campaigns, we’d love to help out! Give us a call at 1-800-628-1804 to get started TODAY!

Facebook Marketing - 3 Reasons Your Promoted Posts are Bombing

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