Facebook Marketing: 3 Reasons Your Promoted Posts are Bombing Part III

FACEBOOK-MARKETING---3-REASONS-YOUR-PROMOTED-POSTS-ARE-BOMBING-3Alright! You’ve made it to the third part of this four part series on Facebook marketing! In part one we covered Facebook’s Marketing History a bit and in part two we talked about the different ways to promote on the platform.  Now, we are going to discuss what needs to be included in your posts in order to generate the most interest and clicks. Read on!

Reason II: You Aren’t Promoting the Right Content

By this point you should have some idea of your target audience and which ad generator will best  catch their attention. Now you need to create an ad!

It is critical that the content you’re PAYING to get out on Facebook feeds will actually have an effect on your bottom line and not just create a never ending discussion that doesn’t lead to a sale. So focus your posts on the topics you want to generate leads in.

The most important part of all this? Your posts should always lead prospects and customers back to your website, because that is where the actual buying and lead capturing takes place.

Check out these examples:

Example 1: Sharing educational blog or website content

A Massage Therapist writes a blog post about why muscles become tight and sore due to stress. They then share this post on Facebook and promotes it using one of the methods we described earlier. This post is something that you would want to try promoting to everyone, because most people deal with some level of stress on a daily basis. This post is educational, beneficial and is most likely going to gain clicks and exposure. When someone visits the website of the Massage Therapist, that’s when there’s a chance to capture that person’s contact information.

Example 2: Letting prospects get to know you

Your website is much more than just a way to generate leads and make sales. You also want to use it to build trust and affinity with prospects. The more that a prospect likes who you are, the more likely they will give you their contact information and eventually buy from you. At PostcardMania, we love to create a trusting and friendly relationship with clients since we aren’t the cheapest option out there. If your businesses unique selling proposition isn’t discount-driven, then this is a great option to use!

Now that you know about promotable posts, let’s discuss the structure of your posts. What do you need to have in a post to generate the best results?

There are 5 essentials to a perfect post that should be implemented on your Facebook page.

1)  An Eye Catching Image That’s Relevant to the Post Topic

All social media supports this claim: Posts that include pictures receive more attention and engagement across the board. When you make a post, if you don’t already have an image for it, find something relevant online to include. Pictures will make people stop, look and ideally read your post.

2) Don’t be Overly Business-y

When you sign into your personal Facebook account, are you there to shop? No, of course not. People visit Facebook for entertainment and as a way to escape the hectic reality that is life. That being said, you don’t want to throw business jargon and sales pitches in their face. Those types of posts are not welcome on this platform. Try to write your posts in a conversational way—even humorously—to receive more attention.

3) Add Statistics and/or Humor When You Can

Just like photos increase engagement in posts, so do statistics and humor. Many people are looking for entertainment when they use Facebook, so humor works well. Statistics cut straight to the point and usually will end up educating people on a topic they didn’t know much about. PostcardMania has been posting to Facebook several times a day (usually 3 to 5 posts) for a few years now—so we know these are the two types of posts that generate the most attention.

4) Have a Call to Action

Your audience is busy. So, be sure to tell them that your post isn’t just interesting, but that there is more they could see. Be direct and have a link to more information on your website in an obvious place. Arrows pointing to the link usually work well and generate more clicks.

5) Shorten Your Links to Improve Appearance

Many times when you create a link to a post, it’s long, confusing and…well… ugly. Try shortening it through sites like Bitly (which also gives you the benefit of tracking the results of the link). Bitly is an online company that offers the convenient service of making your long URLs shorter. Prospects feel more comfortable clicking on shorter, cleaner, more professional looking links, and that is exactly what Bitly creates. The process is fairly simple and all the information you need can be found on their FAQ page. Also, every link has its own “info page” that will show you how many clicks your link has received, plus other metrics that help track each link’s activity.

I know that is a lot of information, but including all those elements will really encourage interaction with your posts. You’re almost done with this guide…now you only have to get through part four! You can do it!

Facebook Marketing - 3 Reasons Your Promoted Posts are Bombing

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