Don’t Miss Out On These 3 Spring Sales Opportunities

spring marketingThe official first day of spring was last Friday, which means it’s time for your business to tap into that spring market.

For PostcardMania, it’s as easy as targeting the industries that thrive in spring, like landscapers, HVAC specialists, and gyms to help them get their message out to prospect clients.

So ask yourself this: How can my business profit from spring fever? Even if it isn’t obvious, it IS possible, regardless of your industry. For example…

If this time of year is when people need your services most, then it’s all about promoting. Promote, promote, promote, and then promote some more! That way your business, and not your competitor’s, will be remembered by prospects when the time comes for them to pick up the phone. BUT, if you’re in an industry that doesn’t automatically bloom in the spring, it’s time to look for a way to tie your business to the season.

To get started, here’s what we know about spring: the weather warms up, it rains more often, people start spending more time outdoors, and the wedding season begins. (And those are just a few things to start with!) Now, all you need to do is position your business so that it’s relative to one or more of these situations.

Here are 3 super easy ways to snag some spring profits:

1.)    Help people stay safe and dry. This tactic is especially great for clothing retailers who can promote new gear, like rain boots and rain coats.

2.)    Encourage people to spend more time outside. For example, chiropractors can use this message, “Get an adjustment before you begin your spring cleaning!”

3.)    Use the wedding season to your advantage. Jewelers, florists and caters market their services to brides-to-be, so why can’t you? If your business would be the perfect, unique setting for a bachelorette party, make it known! You can even get a list of soon-to-be-brides in your area and send out postcards promoting your services at just the right time.

Summer will be here before you know it, so don’t let spring slip by without using it to grow your business!

For help with the perfect spring message, call my marketing consultants at 1-866-829-2082, but for any other questions and comments, don’t be shy. Leave them in the comments below or email me personal at and remember; I encourage it!



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