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Hello, I am Earl Meyer.  I attended your webinar on 4/29/09 and I am finally ready to do a campaign.  I am a Shaklee independent distributor.  We have a postcard company that we can go through but they don’t have enough space for a call to action.

I want to send out postcards on our Vivix cellular anti-aging tonic.  It’s a very unique and consumable product that Shaklee has exclusive rights to its main ingredient (muscadine grape) for the next 20 years.  Third party peer reviewed clinical studies of how and why it’s working are just starting to come out, so as a doctor I am pretty excited about it.

My target is people 60 years old that make $60,000 and up.  I believe that these people are in the front of the baby boomers and they are looking for things that will help them live longer and feel younger that is easy to do (1 tsp. per day).

I have several ideas, but I need to check with you on the practicality on those ideas and the cost.  My budget to start testing is $150-200/month list, mailing everything.  My biggest problem I have been having is figuring out how much one customer is worth.  People can buy Vivix from me at either retail price, member price and auto ship.  I will make the most obviously with retail price $15 per bottle sold.  Member price I will need to sell at least 5 bottles per month to make $2 on each bottle and finally auto ship price will give me the continuity of the $10/month with the 5 bottle minimum.  No one in my group uses direct mail so I can’t get answers from people on my team.

I talked to a guy from a direct mail club that told me direct sales direct mail doesn’t work.  I don’t believe him I think with a well done post card sent to the right people it can and will work.  I think he might be referring to the business not products.

Let me know what you think.  Looking forward to hearing from you.


Earl G. Meyer, D.C.


Hi Dr. Earl!

I absolutely LOVE your enthusiasm. With your budget you can mail out about 270 postcards per month. With a $15 product I don’t see you getting your return on investment. You would need to sell one bottle of this miracle stuff to 25% of your list in order to make about a grand total. Not sure what your profit is out of that $15. If you advertised it by the case and only sold a case at a time, well, maybe. But who will buy a case of something they haven’t tried? If you have stats on how many people stay on the stuff once they try it and that number is super high and you have a good lifetime value from your efforts, well okay! Then you’re off to the races. We have a low quantity product that we produce which work for you if you wish to move ahead. It is ordered completely online.

If you had a bigger budget I would suggest you offer a free sample to anyone that is interested and send them to a ‘landing page’ where they can get a bit more info and order their free sample. Then when they try it, love it and must have more you can sell them a case! But $150/mo will not get you this I’m afraid.

If you need us to design the card just call in and speak with a rep and they’ll get you all set up.

Best of luck!


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