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One of the biggest draw backs we have found is that we cannot get an accurate mailing list. Years ago, we had direct access to DMV lists and target accordingly but since the Shelby Act, none of that information is available at all, we have to rely on list providers who promise the world and deliver old outdated lists.

Is there any better option for lists? We specialize on Japanese cars only.




Hi Avi,

I did some research with our own list compilers and this is what he says:

Attached is the marketing piece on our Total Market Predictors (which includes Garage Predictor).

What the piece doesn’t tell you, but I can, is that our TMP suite was specifically built in response to the Shelby Amendment. 

I’m not going to promise you the world – instead, I’m going to set expectations upfront. Garage Predictors are updated every 6 weeks, the models themselves are validated annually and are about 70% accurate, the other 30% of households aren’t by any means garbage, they possess profiles that look identical to actual owners (making them excellent prospects for con questing).  

The Shelby Amendment to the DPPA restricts use of registration information for direct marketing purposes (since June of 2000). Polk offers the automotive industry’s best alternative to registration information–Total Market Predictors’ Garage Predictors. Garage Predictors (GP) are a series of over 150 models to offer flexibility to determine WHAT is currently parked in a household’s garage.

I feel compelled to note that although they serve as the surrogate to registration data; it is not recommended that you attempt to back into a year, make, and model. Since these models are calculated independently, a household may be a RANK 1 (high probability) to have a certain make parked in their garage AND may be a RANK 1 for having a certain vehicle segment in that same garage AND may be a RANK 1 to have a certain year model parked in their garage, but they may or may not be the same vehicle. In other words, as we attempt to drill down to a specific model of vehicle, particularly one that also is a specific model year; we are potentially compromising accuracy because each model is calculated independently.

Just in case you were entertaining output make/model on the mail piece… I would like to reiterate what’s captured in Exhibit B of your signed List Order Agreement, even when we had access to actual registration information for direct marketing purposes (pre-Shelby), our customers always had to employ the use of the nebulous “if” statement…”if you own X”. Now that we are working with modeled data, I would highly recommend that you steer clear of referencing a specific make. Again, our TMP models are approximately 70% accurate – that other 30% represents a group of very viable prospects that possess demographic profiles that look like buyers of the selected make. You could risk losing a likely responder since he/she could disqualify himself/herself due to the overly definitive nature of your piece. A direct mail campaign is a 3 legged stool – the list accounts for approximately 30%-40% of the campaign’s success – that’s why it’s so important to have synergy with all the pieces that make a campaign work.

Let me know if this works for you!





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