Consistency in Branding: The Art of Differentiation (Video)

Brand consistency is the most important thing you can do to truly differentiate yourself from your competition. If your marketing message does not match up with the quality of your marketing efforts, then your customers will not see integrity in your message. If the marketing materials don’t match the message, it looks like lots of talk and no follow-through.

•Let’s say your company is all about simplicity…
If you hand someone a brochure with 300 bullet points about your company’s simplicity, it seems less genuine. When prospects see this inconsistency they don’t trust your marketing message.

•Similarly, if you are an interior designer…
You market to draw prospects to your website. Then when they go to the site, it is laid out with poor aesthetics. The prospect loses trust in your eye for design, and your brand is weakened.

Inconsistency in your branding means prospects read your marketing materials and don’t believe what you are telling them. You must reach consistency between your marketing message and your marketing efforts in order to strengthen your brand and present brand integrity.

Please, take a minute to watch my interview with branding expert, David Brier, about consistency in branding. In the interview he discusses how to differentiate your brand consistently in all your marketing efforts. And don’t forget to leave comments and let us know what you think!

Joy: Hi, I’m Joy Gendusa, founder and CEO of PostcardMania. You are about to watch an interview with longtime branding and marketing expert, David Brier. David’s worked with companies such as Joanna Vargas, The New York City Ballet, the Cooked Egg and many more. David tells us about his strategies and even a secret or two, so enjoy.

Ok, so now you’ve got your look, your feel, you’ve figured it out and now you may have, and you gave a great example with Coach. Maybe, you have an email communication that you’re sending out to your database or sending one- up emails to prospects from your company or even when you’re just sending them an invoice after the fact or a quote. How can you incorporate without having a huge signature on your email with your tag line? What would you recommend? How do we remind our database, or our prospects, or leads of our difference every time we’re putting a communication out there?

David: You have to be very clear about what you really stand for. Some of our clients have been in a scenario saying, “Hey look, we provide the premium XYZ”, to which I would respond, “Well, if you provide premium XYZ then why does this look like crap?” Or if you’re saying we are about simplicity.

Joy: So wait a minute you’re saying, you provide premium XYZ, but your email looks like crap.

David: Or your e-mail looks like crap or your business card; you typed it and it looks all flimsy and doesn’t actually convey that. Or let’s say we’re all about simplicity; let’s say that’s what one company is saying. We’re all about simplicity and then you look on their card and on the back there is a laundry list of 75,000 things that you have to now look at and it doesn’t look like simplicity. So it’s a matter of, are all your ducks in a row? And that’s why if you clearly are defining we are about excitement, well then have everything be about excitement. That will snowball. Because otherwise what happens is this; you say, you know what, we’re the company that provides this special thing for you, but yet some of our things talk about weight loss and some of our things talk about great hair and some of our things talk about keeping your life simple, and the only thing that’s going to be the common denominator is the fact that you talk a lot, because nothing is matching up. It’s kind of like getting everything to a line so that if you’re about order; it’s almost like going in to some of these stores that are devoted to having beautiful, orderly, everything is organized with containers or whatever, and you walked in and the place was a dump. There is a mixed message. It doesn’t line up.

Joy: It’s kind of what we tell people when they’re doing their website. If you’re in an aesthetic industry; hair salon, day spa, cosmetic dentistry, anything that’s promoting interior design, kitchen remodeling, anything that’s an aesthetic. Everything about your promotion has to be aesthetic. Everything that you’re doing, you have to be aesthetic.

David: You have to be an example of what you’re actually about, that’s correct.

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