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9 Beautiful Church Postcards You Can Send

church postcards

Want a proven-to-work way to invite more parishioners to your church, spiritual center, or temple?

Here are 9 lovely church postcards you can customize to your church and send to a local mailing list!

1. Welcome locals to your church for a spiritual change

Customize and mail this graceful church invite postcard to locals who live around your church:

church invite postcards


Need a mailing list of everyone in your area to mail your church postcards to?

Receive 1,000 FREE records here.

2. Mail church postcards to new movers in your area 100% automatically 

People new to your area will want to know your church exists, so how do you do that without organizing a marketing campaign every single month?

Using an automated New To Town program, you can mail church outreach postcards to people who’ve recently moved into the area surrounding your church…


You don’t have to lift a finger.


These church invite postcards get printed with the first name of everyone on the mailing list, thereby personalizing your church outreach postcards to every recipient (and future parishioner!).

See how you see “John” on this church postcard?

church direct mail postcards

You can see how our New To Town program works here.

3. Flip your church postcard vertically to make prospects’ read your message

We’re accustomed to flipping through our mail stacks horizontally, right?

So flip your church outreach postcard vertically!

Here’s a church direct mail postcard designed for Easter:

church invitation postcards

That way, your prospects actually LOOK at and read your church’s marketing message!

4. Invite locals in for a change with church postcards 

Here is a beautiful church invite postcard you can use:

church invite direct mail

5. Send a modern church invitation postcard like this

We can customize any of our church postcards to your church’s vibe!

church postcards

Want a church postcard designed 100% from scratch? We do that too.

6. Place your church’s logo on this gorgeous design

It doesn’t need to be fancy or expensive, but a church logo can differentiate your church from the area “competition,” and make you stand out!

church direct mail postcard

Want help creating a new look and feel for your church?

Check out PostcardMania’s affordable logo design here.

7. Celebrate (and promote) Mother’s Day with this church postcard

Bring in families to your church with this classy design:

church invitation postcard


You can customize any of our postcards from our dedicated church postcard gallery to suit any occasion or event!

8. Promote an Easter Egg hunt with this bright can’t-miss-it invite

If you’re hosting a fun community event, promote it with church invitation postcards like this adorable one:

church direct mail postcards

9. Promote your church’s grand opening with this gorgeous postcard  

Opening a brand new church or center?

Send church postcards to everyone in your area (multiple times, ideally!) to promote the grand occasion!

Here’s a church invitation postcard you can customize to your church:

church outreach postcards

If you need any help finding a quality mailing list to send your church invitation postcards to, OR if you have questions about promoting a certain event you have…

Contact one of my marketing consultants at 800-628-1804.

They’ll help you get the best price on postage (aka, nonprofit!), and answer any marketing questions you have. Plus…

Their help is 100% FREE!



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