Business Blog Post Ideas: Introduce Yourself to More Sales

business blog post ideasA lot of small business owners don’t use a blog, because they don’t know what they would write about. I’m here to tell you, a blog is one of your most important online marketing assets. You really can’t afford to stay out of the business blogosphere.

As far as content goes, one of the best forms of blog content is also the easiest. All you have to do is talk about yourself and your company. People want to do business with real people. When you create posts about yourself, your staff, or the story of your business, you let your prospects see the human side of your business and connect with you personally.

At PostcardMania, we occasionally write “Meet a Maniac” posts to introduce prospects and clients to the people who make their marketing magic happen. We just write out a quick profile on the employee (where they’re from, how long they’ve worked with us, what they’e role is at the company, some fun facts, etc.). Prospects love these kinds of posts, because they no longer feel like they’re buying from some faceless corporation. They’re buying from someone they know and trust.

You can find out more about writing quality blog content and get other content ideas if you download our new marketing report created specifically to educate small business owners on creating effective blog content.

Do you like knowing who you are buying from? Let’s talk about the topic of familiarity in the comments…


3 Blog Topics for More Traffic Leads and Sales

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