Black Friday Marketing Ideas for Non-Retail Businesses

black friday marketing ideasThe Holidays are fast approaching. We are only a couple weeks away from Thanksgiving, and the wildly popular Black Friday shopping event, which marks the beginning the busiest retail season of the year.

But what if you’re not in the retail business? How can your business benefit from this exciting time of year?

Let’s look at three ways that postcard marketing can make the most of it with these Black Friday Marketing Ideas

1. Build Your Brand
Black Friday is a huge opportunity to promote your brand to potential customers. It’s a time of year when retailers are busy, but so are the shoppers. Most people are spending a lot of their free time shopping for friends and family. This offers a great opportunity for those non-retail businesses, who offer a service rather than a product, to grow their clientele.

Implementing a postcard marketing campaign can help put your company’s brand in front of prospects who are incredibly busy, and most likely in need of a helpful service. You can use these postcards to get your offers in front of prospects before the season gets into full swing.

2. Get Creative With Your Offers
Most people perceive there to be a retail monopoly on Black Friday. This is because those big retailers are able to offer the outrageous discounts for which this event is known.

However, service businesses can greatly benefit from the retail season. You just have to find the right angle.

black friday marketing ideasMaybe you are a massage therapist or a spa owner. You can market massage or spa services for those who have been out walking the malls all day carrying their own weight in merchandise. This is a great way to stress the benefit of stress relief in an often stressful season.

For dentists, the Thanksgiving and Christmas season generally involve a lot of eating. By the time Black Friday arrives, Halloween and Thanksgiving have just passed, and there are more sweets on the horizon. It’s a perfect time to market a dental check-up or cleaning.

For accountants, perhaps you can offer help with holiday budgeting…

accountant black friday marketing idea3. Use Repetition to Break through the Noise
We are easing into the holiday season as we speak. The time is NOW to get started on your marketing to get the best results during the holiday season. Postcard marketing is an effective marketing technique that will get you results. Marketing takes repetition. You want to get your offers in front of your prospects before the retail ads fill the mailboxes. If you begin sending your postcards a few weeks in advance, you will have multiple opportunities to present your offers to potential clients, and this will yield the returns you want when the holidays get into full swing.

These are just a few examples, but the Black Friday Marketing Ideas are out there. Brainstorm how you can adapt your offers, then let PostcardMania get it going for you. Better yet, just give us a call and let our marketing experts design a campaign for you!

How do you think Non-Retail Businesses can best approach the Black Friday retail event? Let’s talk about it in the comments…


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