A Lousy Mailing List Will Ruin Your Campaign

GOOD MAILING LISTS3 Fail-Proof Ways to Getting a Good List

A good mailing list is essential to any marketing campaign. If the wrong person is reading your ad, you just wasted your time and money. For example, if you send a postcard with a coupon for free admission to the Children’s Museum and the recipient doesn’t have kids, your ad may end up in the trash.

How can you avoid this?

Here are 3 simple questions you need to always ask before you buy your list. Make no exceptions and see great results from your direct mail campaigns!

1. What percentage of deliverability does the company guarantee?

This is hands down one of the most important questions to find out. Deliverability refers to how many addresses are bad (or “undeliverable”) on the list. If the mail house doesn’t guarantee at least a 90% deliverability rate — move on! You don’t need to waste your hard-earned marketing dollars on advertisements and postage that never reach your prospects.

2. How often is the list updated?

A good, high quality list will be updated every month. Constant updates weed out addresses where mail has been found to be undeliverable or the prospect has moved away. If your list isn’t updated regularly, you are missing out on new prospects that get added to the list and throwing away money on dead-end addresses.

3. How often is your mailing list run through the National Change of Address (NCOA) database?

The NCOA is required by the U.S. Postal Service. Their database updates addresses on the list that have moved and submitted a change of address form through the post office. If the mail house isn’t running the list through the NCOA, you increase your chance of having undeliverable addresses. Make sure you protect your investment by ensuring the most recent and complete information is available!

There is much more to a successful mailing. For an in-depth guide, check out “How to Have the Best Mailing Ever.

Remember your mailing list plays an important role in your marketing success.


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