Turn Prospects (and Campaigns) into Winners

Use scratch-offs on your postcards

Scratch-off cards make it happen!

Add some fun to your mail piece by including a scratch-off discount! They make a great addition to cards for every industry, and they improve response by incorporating an interactive aspect to your message. Instead of telling prospects your prices are great, you can show them with a scratch-off discount.

In addition to giving more attention to your message, prospects are also more likely to redeem scratch-off discounts because they feel like the offer is more exclusive than a regular postcard.

Scratch-off cards help you:

  • Excite prospects about the possibility of your scratch-off discounts
  • Boost response by giving prospects a sense of exclusivity
  • Get more attention in the mail box

Scratch-off stickers are round with a 1-inch diameter, and come in standard gold. You have the option of printing just one message underneath the scratch-off or having multiple messages. You can also have only one winner in your whole mailing if you prefer.

Don’t ignore this chance to stand out from the crowd. Call us today to discuss a custom scratch-off campaign for your business!


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