Make Your Message Stick—Increase Your Response!

Use Post-It® Notes to get more from your direct mail...

You probably haven’t considered how the simple sticky note could increase your revenue, but you should! Now you can add Post-It Notes® to your direct mail pieces for only a few cents extra!

These notes are specially designed to stick to your card all the way to your prospect’s mailbox. We’ve seen clients increase the return on their campaign simply by adding these little reminders to their pieces, and it can work for you too! We can even print these notes using a handwriting font to give the appearance of a one-to-one communication.

Post-Its® help you:

  • Get a better response by giving prospects a small reminder to place wherever they like
  • Make a connection with your audience with a more personal communication
  • Get more attention in the mail box

The size of notes is 3" x 3", the standard Post-It® size. They are ink jetted with any text message you choose. However, we cannot do photos or logos. Text comes in black, but you can order red, green or blue for an additional fee.

Don’t ignore this chance to stand out from the crowd. Call us today to discuss a custom Post-It® campaign for your business!