Call Tracking System from PostcardMania

Track. Learn. Improve.

Call Tracking from PostcardMania is the easiest way to track and analyze the responses to your marketing campaigns. Finally, you can have all the information you need to make sound, informed decisions about your marketing.

Call Tracking can be added to any order for a very low cost. Here's how it works:

You Get Your Number(s)

Call us up and we will assign you a "call tracking" phone number, which is the number that will be on your postcards. You can choose between an 800 number or number with your local area code. Then, provide us with a "transfer to" number, which is the actual phone number you want the calls routed to.

We Set You Up

Once you have decided what numbers to use, we do the rest by setting up your mailing with the appropriate phone number(s), which will automatically transfer each call to you to whatever phone number you specify.

You Track Responses and Listen to Recorded Calls Online

When your cards have mailed and calls start coming in, you simply log into your account on to see how many calls came in from your call tracking number. You can even listen to recordings of all the calls you received, to see how well your sales process is working!
The information you stand to gain from this incredible service is invaluable to the well-informed marketer.

Here are a few of the things you can learn:

  • How many calls a particular mailing generates
  • How long it takes prospects to call in
  • What time of day you receive the most calls
  • How your receptionists and salespeople handle incoming calls
  • Which offers generate the most responses

Don't be in the dark about how your marketing is performing.
to talk to a marketing consultant about Call Tracking today!

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