We'll Take Care of Your Addressing & Mailing For You

Not sure how many postcards to mail?
Just tell one of our marketing consultants your goals and budget - and he or she will recommend the most effective postcard mailing to produce the highest results.

Save on Postage
Instead of spending so much time addressing and mailing your postcards, let us do it! It's convenient and we can save you money.

We charge 5 cents per piece to inkjet each address onto your postcards which includes the contact name, address and presort barcode required by the post office.

Normally postage for a 4.25"x6" postcard is 33 cents.* If we do your postcard mailing for you, your postage will be between 23.4 and 25.8 cents per piece. We can offer you a lower rate because we mail in bulk. Your savings can really add up!

*Charge will be slightly more on our 6"x11" Colossal Postcard and when mailing less than 1000 postcards at a time.

Submit your own list
Send us your list in an Excel spreadsheet with each field in its own column (for example, company, contact, street, suite, etc.) and we'll address and mail your postcards at a discounted (bulk mail) postage rate. Click Here to see our List Confidentiality Agreement.

Providing your own artwork, but we're mailing?
To ensure your layout adheres to the post office's mailing standards, please view our mailing design template.

Track your mailings
Track the delivery of your mailings with our mail tracking service so that you know exactly when your mail piece hits mailboxes!

Call us today to find out how much postage you can save by mailing with us!