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Jewellery Advertisement Ideas – Minneapolis Jeweler Case Study

“Direct mail postcards can deliver business growth for your small business when all other marketing tools fail. ”


D Copperfield Jeweler




Prior Lake, MN 55372

Cards Mailed

jewelry marketing postcards

Design Features

The postcard design was simple, yet elegant. It had a black background and featured beautiful pieces of jewelry on the front to grab prospects’ attention. It was a seasonal card, so the headline read, “Happy Holidays.” This design reminded recipients that jewelry is an elegant gift for a loved one.

The Situation

Mike was looking to get better results from his marketing. He had been mailing letters, but was not getting the response that he had hoped. In general, he does very little other advertising. He found the newspaper to be worthless. Since they are in a suburb, advertising in the larger metropolitan area was way more expensive, and his marketing was going to people that would never drive the distance to visit his store anyway. Radio and TV were also relatively worthless advertising for him as well. So he gave us a call to see what jewellery advertisement ideas we could come up with.

He admits he was a bit nervous at first about trying postcards for fear that people would see his postcard as advertising junk and just throw it away. But he also knew that postcards would get a better result than something in an envelope. He was right!

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The Solution

Mike comes up with the design ideas himself, keeping in mind whenever he creates his design that he wants others to get the idea that he is a contemporary jeweler and not just a cookie-cutter-mall retail store. On his postcards he advertises what is popular at the time - something a little cutting edge to catch their eye, but not too edgy to scare them away. Mike says he markets his message exactly how he wants to be branded.

The Results

"Postcards are what work the best for us."

For Mike, the larger postcard does significantly better than the smaller postcard. He found that advertising a percentage off of his jewelry between two dates (e.g., between Jan. 1st - 15th) works the best, rather than advertising a discount for one particular item. Mike does not do extensive tracking, but he does know that business picks up when his postcards go out. He has learned by observation that when postcards are sent out, more people come in the door and he makes more money.

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