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Foley & Co. Case Study

“Repetition leads to consistent marketing results for mortgage companies, even in a recession.”


Foley & Co.


Financial Services


Campbell, CA 95125

Cards Mailed

1,000 Bi-Monthly

Design Features
This postcard uses red text for their headline to grab prospective clients’ attention and a large image to reinforce their marketing message. The image is a house under construction. The postcard is approaching those who are looking for financing for their buyer or investor to be able to purchase their home. The image will resonate with prospects, because many of their homes look just like that. That will compel them to learn more about Foley & Co

The Situation

“The mortgage business has gone through a tough time… Our database now is down to a little less than a thousand people, so we wanted to make the most of those leads”

Mike Foley is the co-owner of Foley and Co., a family-run mortgage business based in Campbell, CA. Now that the housing bubble has burst, they need a way to consistently produce revenue to stay in business.

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The Solution

“It’s the constant contact that reminds people who you are… A lot of mortgage brokers have gone out of business, but one of the reasons we’re still in business is the constant contact [we make] with postcards.”

To help Mike maintain a continual mailing schedule and save money on his printing and postage, we suggested that he print a larger quantity of cards to maximize the space on our printer (that saves us money, and in return we pass the savings on to him). That way his cards are always ready to mail, he simply calls us and says when and where to send them. He took advantage of this feature by mailing to his database of 1,000 mortgage brokers on a regular basis — usually bi-monthly.

The Results

“Every time we send out a postcard [to our database], we generate a dozen calls… People keep saying “I got your postcard. I got your postcard. I got your postcard.” And we love hearing that.”

Foley & Co. has been able to thrive while most mortgage businesses are going under because they understand one basic rule: repetition works. Even with a dwindling database, they are seeing great results because they are consistent with their mailings.

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